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Marathi movies are one of the best ways of entertainment nowadays. Different types of genres are also available like Comedy, action, epic, etc,.  Since Marathi is one of the languages so many films are dubbed from this language to others and also from others to this language. The first movie in the Marathi language was directed by “Dadsaheb Phlake” and only with the help of his own crew.

The name of this movie is “Raja Harishchandra” it is a silent movie and does not have any words only actions are present. Later in the year 1932 new voice movie”Ayodhyecha Raja” is released by another famous Marathi director.

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Top Marathi Movie Download Website List

If you like and love Marathi movies then you must select the best sites to download movies and shows of your wish. The mentioned sites below will help to download the wanted movies.


First of all you must install the “YouTube” app on the device that you’re using. After installing the app you can sign in into your account or continue with a guest login. In the home page of the “YouTube” on the top place, you will see a search bar tap on it. Then type Marathi movies then hit the search button.  After hitting the search button a huge list of Marathi movies are displayed on the screen.

Just click on any one you like .when the video is opened you will see a downward arrow below the video click on it. After that it will ask us to select the video quality like 144, 240, 360, etc,. Depending on your wish. You can even download HD videos in YouTube by using the above method.

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Marathi unlimited:

This website is the next best site for downloading Marathi movies. As the name itself denotes that more available movies are in the Marathi language. In this site, there is a list movie present at the home page only. Just simply tap on any one of them. It will just take few seconds and you are redirected to the download movie page. Click the download button depending upon your own wish size of data.

Hotstar VIP or Disney plus hotstar:

The site which is mentioned above is available in both app and also you can login in web browser by going into that site. Paid and free movies are also available. You can watch movies in mobile by installing this app by registering using your mobile number.

As usual in the home page of the hotstar there is the presence of search bar we have to simply search for the show or movie which we want. Either you can watch online are even you can download by clicking on the button download which h is available below the display of movie.

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Skymovie HD:

 When we come to the point of free download of movies Skymovie HD is best downloading Marathi movies and even other languages also. In the home page of this site at the top you can sort out movies by using sort out options like Latest movies, Fou movies, YTS movies,  Yify movies free etc,.

We can also browse genres like artistic, adventure, animation, romance etc,. As we discussed in the above process here also it very easy to download movies hit the movies whichever you like you directed to an unknown page click on the previous button again click on it then you will sent to the correct page. Like this you can download any movie in SkymovieHD

Amazon prime:

This app will have a separate fan base in all languages .by using this we can watch online movies & web series in anywhere any time but make sure that we need to have proper network and mainly we have to subscribe the Amazon prime also,  let’s talk about video clarity of the prime videos very much has better experiences when comparing others online app or websites. Remember one thing the web series or movies through online and once the website owner uploads the movies or videos this will have a longer time for customer satisfaction.

Every business aim to be needed to satisfy the customer’s desire and objects that will help firm may live in longer way. By a single click we watch online movies enjoy in anywhere. This is very helpful for all entrainment for all people,  it will have all languages regional things so the user no need to worry of any uncomfortably.

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This website is created only for the customer to get easy way for movie links and download it too. This requires more permission to access your device for better user experiences and it will provide direct links to download many movies at a time without others permission required to get it .

in name of the website indicates that cool moviez that means the user gets to chill in anywhere any time and this will friendly user interface for all users, this website link always available in any chrome or Google search bar the first link only we find web site name and address so, it will easiest way to get it and there is no time waste now-a-days everyone is busy with own lifestyle so this type website gives a chill to user. When user gets free time.

ZEE 5:

This is a subgroup from ZEE group of industries. We can easily be connected with this ZEE 5 why, because it will have popular Marathi movies and the most famous TV shows and movies. These will vary nominal fee to be access then we watch an amazing platform & this will help you make beautiful users get to explore each & every page of this website.

ZEE 5 also has music and news updates, cookery videos also. This will also behave like Live TV m by the help website and it will maintain original content for better user experiences.

All the websites which are mentioned in above are wonderful sites for downloading any kind of Marathi movies at any place. For all the websites discussed above our official website provide with direct links.

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