Smart Cameras for Smart Protection

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Home security is becoming an increasing concern for homeowners as time progresses. What would you normally opt for if you had to set up a security system for your home? Alarm systems? Surveillance cameras? Motion detector lighting? All of these are great, coupled with things like locking your windows and doors, and installing wired fences too. 

But with time progressing and technology alongside it, there is an absolute need to take security up by a notch. Here is where smart home gadgets come into play. Smart home gadgets are usually lauded for their ability to automate your homes at an inexpensive cost, and bring with them a plethora of features like energy efficiency for starters – something that is absolutely necessary given today’s climate issues. They also allow for remote control and wireless access in order to operate these devices, and then by proxy your home too. 

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Smart Home Gadgets and Home Security

When it comes to home protection, smart gadgets can do the work. There are smart lights that work with motion detection and scheduling, there are smart garage door openers that don’t leave room for any struggles when it comes to opening and closing the garage door. 

There are smart door locks that provide keyless and tamperproof entry to your homes, along with the peace of mind that you can access your door lock from your smartphones and tablets from practically wherever you are! Some are even voice assistant compatible that means you can lock and unlock your door with a simple voice command too. 

Two of the Best Smart Gadgets for Security 

Do you know what a great alternative would be for surveillance cameras? Smart Cameras! Similarly having a video intercom is great for answering your door, because it is essentially a doorbell with a camera. But what’s even better than that is a smart video doorbell. Here’s a brief read on how these devices can help amp up your home security.

  1. Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are a much better and quite literally a smarter version of regular surveillance cameras. They feature a smaller, sleek design, with the device being able to be mounted onto walls or placed anywhere for that matter, like on shelves and kitchen counters for instance. And they come in two variants, wired and wireless – wireless ones being battery operated. 

One main feature that also sets smart cameras apart from regular surveillance cameras is their video feed access from smartphones and tablets. That’s right, smart cameras come with their own mobile applications and websites where users can access the live video feed from wherever they are; you could be at work, on vacation or in the living room for that matter, and you can watch your smart camera live feed from the comfort of your seat. Not to mention the HD quality video with night vision, and two-way audio!

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Google Nest Cam

One of the best smart cameras out there is the Google Nest Cam retailing for $179.99. Available in both, wired and battery-operated variants, the Nest Cam boasts a 130-degree wide-angle camera, in 1080p HD and a built-in microphone and speaker to facilitate two-way audio between whoever is watching the feed and whoever is at the other end of the camera. 

The Nest Cam can detect and differentiate between objects, vehicles and animals, and sends alerts to your smartphones accordingly. With its 3-hour video, users can even go back and view if they missed out on anything. 

  1. Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are much better than any ordinary doorbell or video intercom that you could possibly have – until a new technology rolls out! There are wired and wireless doorbells with video that are available and super easy to install by yourselves; especially wireless ones since they only require a battery before being mounted onto a wall. 

Much like all smart devices, video doorbells are also accessible through our smartphones and tablets, where you can receive alerts and answer your door from anywhere. What’s great is that since you can answer the door from practically anywhere, you don’t even have to let some know you aren’t home! 

It’s the perfect safety cover-up for when you’re on vacation and there’s a supposed salesman ringing at your door. The same goes for checking up and seeing whose outside before you actually open the door, and receiving notifications and alerts to your smartphones even if somebody’s hovering outside and hasn’t rung the bell. 

Google Nest Doorbell

Google’s Nest Doorbell is one of the best smart video doorbells in the market right now. Retailing for $179.99, this tiny device can do so much more than you can imagine. Its field of view is tall that allows you to see a person from head to toe, rather than an obstructed view like the ones with video intercoms. Answer the door from your smartphone from wherever you stand, or set pre-recorded responses to be played while you can’t answer the doorbell or check the notification on our device in time. 

The video feed of the Nest Doorbell isn’t just viewable when you answer the door rather it substitutes as a mini surveillance cam – letting you view the live video footage and also keeps a 3-hour video history. With the Nest Aware subscription, you can get up to 60 days’ worth of storage for video history.

You’ll thank us when you get these smart devices for your home. They bring with them the ease of security and also convenience that you never knew you needed. Head on over to FirstEnergy’s website and get great deals on smart cameras and video doorbells today!