Kannada Movies Download Sites List 2021

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Kannada Movies Download Sites List 2021

Kannada movies are one of the parts of Indian cinema industries. The origin of these movies was done in its home state Karnataka. Because most of the people in Karnataka speak Kannada so they like to watch these movies mostly in their daily life. Most of these movies are dubbed into other languages because of their craze and demand. Kannada film industry is very small but very productive in the southern film society of India.


The first talkie film of Kannada was directed by “Y.V.Rao” and the name of the movie is “Sati Sulochana” in the year 1934. This movie is produced by “Chamanlal Doongaji” who was elected as a south India movie tone of Bangalore in the year 1932. The actors who acted in this first motion picture of Kannada language are “Subbaiah Naidu and Tripuramba”. More than ten thousand films are produced till the last year (2019). The movies which are released in this language are with peculiar style and having a huge fan base in every generation.

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Top Kannada movies download websites list:

When you are decided to download the movies the following websites will help you a lot to download movies in a very easy way without any problems. The sites are,

Amazon prime:

The site “Amazon prime” is a very vast video streaming site at present. This is a paid site and we can also watch free movies without any payment. Latest TV shows, movies, web series, serials and many more are available for the viewers to watch.

For the person who wants to see movies, they must have to download Amazon prime app from the play store or app store. We can log in in any web browser in the Amazon site. While starting this app at the beginning only we must sign-in into your account using mobile number or email id for future purposes. To watch the paid movies the user must buy a subscription of any plan.

The plans available are monthly, quarterly, yearly. People who buy one of these plans can share their subscription with few members depending upon the plan they activated. People can download movies when they are in online and they are able to watch them anywhere at any time.

 ZEE 5:

All are well known about ZEE 5 network but there are options called language settings, in that we can select what we want, take for example if we choose Kannada regional language in settings automatically all options and format totally will be changed within seconds so, it is very best & perfect platform for online watching movies, TV shows, film fair awards show live & news update these consumes more data when compared to another apps and websites, why because with help of high flow data the video clarity will impure step by step process so , This will more internet or WIFI connection are that advance one and to avoid the late video downloads or buffering etc.

Movie Flix:

These is another platform like watching online movies, a news feed, TV shows & live updates in Smartphone & windows etc. Now a day’s people are becoming very busy for their life working style so they didn’t find any time to sit & watch. It is an important innovation thought that to make people connect easily for websites to logins & watching online movies that will help customers to have fun and chill when they get free time.

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This available in various regional language settings and no worry of any unsatisfying activities while watching or access the official websites. Kannada movies are also available to watch online and also to download those movies.


The most searched site for trending websites for web series. Online news feeds & Bollywood, Hollywood movies these is special language called Kannada movie and Kannada language settings have available. This website or app are clicks or famous over the country why, because it is a very friendly user interface technology and whenever new movies arrive if there are dubbed also all regional languages will be available.

While using this website or app we need only a proper internet connection & WIFI connection that’s it. If you choose & select the option what is your regional language the website automatically recommend all you need movies in required language like Kannada.

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Disney plus Hotstar VIP:

This is a combination of both the cartoons industry and film industry too. It is not free to download but , its free to watch online while the same news or any TV shows that are live telecast one and they are any other fanatic features is once the subscription has done then we can watch all TV shows and serials in all required language in anywhere.

If we miss yesterday show or something already done event we can watch what needs to watch at any time anywhere. We need to have proper connection & subscription. This will option called language settings so, we can change any language that user prefers.

Airtel Xtreme:

This site is also one of best site to watch movies. This is a part of airtel groups. These is also online applications like Amazon prime, Netflix etc to watch online free streaming here and downloads are available. The name in senses it indicates that streaming means live feeding of our required entertainment & funs in simple words the people need to get satisfaction their wants’ desire.

It is very simple to understand and use all live streaming things likes live cricket, TV shows, and online movies. For example once we selected the Kannada option in language settings all things & name’s & advertisement Changes from top to bottom by a single click option.

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These are very helpful for Kannada movie downloads and all live streaming regards to Kannada regional language. This will provide you Direct link what we need & no need to search all unwanted site to get bored. It is simple & short cut way to get all Kannada language movies by a single click. They are other advanced options is that the websites will provide you very unique subtitles while watching other movies non – Kannada movies etc. All websites direct links are provided in our official website.