When Are You Eligible For Filing A Paragard IUD Lawsuit? 

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When Are You Eligible For Filing A Paragard IUD Lawsuit? 

A paragard IUD  intrauterine device) is a way of contraception. The doctor or an experienced nurse inserts a “T” shaped device into the uterus. The intrauterine device kills the sperms and prevents fertilization. 

A paragard IUD has shown to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancies and is 100% hormone-free. However, some women face injuries while removing the device, or some may have other issues. Depending upon the complications with Paragard IUD, a female can file a lawsuit with the help of an experienced lawyer. A female may file a paragard IUD lawsuit to get financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, damages, and more. 

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Who is eligible to file a lawsuit? 

After an injury due to paragard IUD, a lawyer may consider several aspects before concluding. Things taken into consideration include: 

  • The reason to opt for this form of contraception. 
  • Any complications that occur during device removal. 
  • Whether the device broke or migrated to other areas of the body, damaging other organs. 
  • Was the victim informed about the possible side effects of the device? 

After considering several aspects of a Paragard IUD, a female is eligible to file a lawsuit. 

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What injuries can be caused because of a paragard IUD? 

Most common issues related to paragard IUDs include: 

  • Heavier menstrual periods.
  • Spotting between periods.
  • Severe cramps or back pain. 
  • Severe menstrual pain. 

Other serious complications related to paragard IUDs include: 

  • Device embedded in the uterus. Therefore, the removal of the device may require surgery. 
  • Perforation of the uterine wall. 
  • Migration of the device, leading to organ damage
  • Damage to the device( breaking of the device). 
  • Inflammation and injury from copper left in the body. In some cases, women may also show allergic reactions to the excess copper present in the body. 

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What are the forms of compensation available when filing a Paragard IUD lawsuit? 

Each victim has different forms of compensation depending upon the type and severity of the damage. The most common types of compensation have been mentioned below: 

  1. Compensation for medical bills: All the bills from appointments to medical imaging are covered. Moreover, the future medical bills related to the present condition are also covered. 
  2. Compensation for lost wages: The injury could have affected working ability. 
  3. Compensation for pain and suffering: These sufferings are hard to calculate with legal help. An experienced lawyer can help you in such cases. 

If you or your loved ones have faced injuries related to paragard IUD, then you may contact an experienced lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. Moreover, an experienced lawyer can help you understand the eligibility criteria for a Paragard IUD lawsuit.