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Employees earn their fair share of salary on any end month. If you owe the company, the salary goes through some eduction, such as tax, benefits and loan cuts. A net salary is known as the end number. A continuous mechanism that happens every month.

Employees must, however, think about their wage payslips, what they collect and deductions produced. These can only occur by having a payslip and analyzing the information. One has to seek slips from the HR offices of various organizations. The approach is tiring; the records are often lost, or can not be recovered.

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What is EHRMS Punjab: 

The State Government of Punjab uses the EHRMS for online loading in its employee database. This method saves a lot of time and physical labor because one click away is all the information you need. This eHRMS site is being built by NIC Punjab. This method of management process brings productivity and effectiveness to the service of the Punjab State Government as it eliminates additional workload.

A new website for workers has been launched by the Punjab state government to reduce the hassle. Here, without entering the HR office, they can review their wages and payroll online. These have significantly decreased the congestion in the offices and provided useful cash information to workers. You will get EHRMS employee Payslip, Salary Slip online from the IHRMS Punjab portal through their official website. The Punjab Human Resources Management Department issues monthly payslips to workers.

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eHRMS Punjab Registration

By communicating with DDO officers, each employee working in the Punjab state government can activate their access on the iHRMS Punjab portal. Follow the steps below to activate your iHRMS Punjab access.

  • Visit your office for your Department Account to locate your DDO or Nodal officer
  • Providing your information to the officer as per your work record
  • For potential verification, Active Mobile number and date of birth
  • The DDO officer will manage your application and issue you the User ID
  • The iHRMS Punjab Employee page can be accessed using the User ID and Default Password.
  • Employees can log in to the official website of iHRMS Punjab to manage their eHRMS Punjab services, and we have the steps you should follow to log in to iHRMS Punjab and access the services offered.

eHRMS Punjab Login

  • Use the connect to go to the iHRMS Punjab web portal.
  • To visit the eHRMS Punjab employee login page, click the Login button to
  • Pick Login as Code for HRMS
  • Enter your Password and User ID
  • Provide the text of the Captcha code displayed in the inbox
  • Click Sign Up
  • To allow access, your user ID and password will be verified.
  • Upon confirmation, the employee page will be loaded on-screen and the services of HRMS Punjab will be on the screen
  • That’s it, you can use this eHRMS Punjab login employee page to use any service that is given online to state government employees of Punjab.

E-HRMS Punjab payslip mobile app

A simple way to access the portal via a mobile app was introduced by the government. This makes the job simpler for workers as they can search the data anywhere at any time. As follows, the mobile app has a few steps:

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  • Go to the IHRMS web page and open the link.
  • Select the IHRMS Punjab payslip mobile application on the homepage.
  • After that, to proceed, click the install button.
  • In a few seconds, the device will install the program, after which you can open the app by logging in with your user ID and password.
  • Since many people have mobile telephones, the mobile app is easy. However, from the many styles shown, one has to download the correct mobile application.

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Benefits of the IHRMS website portal.

  • Both the government and workers benefit from the IHRMS Punjab website. It has brought a great deal of digital transition to the administration. Employees no longer have to think about the queue or missed payslips.
  • The portal saves time and money, without support from HR, for workers may access the portal.
  • For any employee, it is easy to open and use.
  • All information from payslip to addressing complaints about the workers is included in the web portal.
  • It is possible to use the payslip to get loans or new work positions; the platform helps workers get this easily.
  • Simple follow-up on jobs by the government.
  • You will read about the application process for the loan or the tax deduction here.
  • Salary changes and any innovations are submitted to members to follow on the website.

How to Recover the Forgotten Password :

If you forget your HRMS password in any situation, or if you feel like you want to change it, you can do it at any time. Take these steps to do it swiftly.

  • Enable the official HRMS Punjab website.
  • Tap on the option to log in.
  • Click the Forgotten Password option now.
  • Select the state on the new page as Punjab.
  • Pick the Department of Determining where your service book is being maintained.
  • Now enter your Employee Code/User ID and click Scan.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will be required to provide your birth date and registered mobile number to receive the OTP.
  • Tap on the Get Security Code button now. An OTP will be received by you via SMS.
  • Enter that OTP correctly, and your password can be reset.

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For all employees, the EHRMS platform can serve a great need. The government can easily follow every detail of every employee and quickly solve the problem as well. Note that the portal has a support team that listens to complaints from employees. The accounts or registered mobile number, they receive and fix the issues that provide the right feedback.