The ultimate comfort zone of your living rooms: Different types of sofas

Juliet D'cruz

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Sofa sets are the ultimate basic luxury added to your living room. Almost every household greets its guests with this best furniture piece at their service. The sofa sets are the witness to our movie nights, weekend parties and relaxing afternoons. The different types of sofas sets and the reason to buy one amongst them may differ from person to person. The preferences depend on your space available, cash available in hand/budget, purpose and fitted requirements and many others. This legacy always compliments your décor and interiors enhancing and defining your styling. 

To choose the best out of so many online and offline choices available is a tiresome task and it depends on the area for which the purchase is to be done. To lessen the burden regarding the selection this article aims at explaining the various types of sofa sets.

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Basic varieties of sofas in the market

  1. Fixed/static sofas: The elegance and sophistication is a vital expression of your styling living panorama and rich vibes. Therefore, various comfort considerations are a must while selecting your personalized asset. Though comfort is the essential reason comfort in the budget is important. The fixed type of sofas also has different versions of the same. Some of them are:
  • Fabric and leather design: Fabrics like nylon, velvet, polystyrene, etc. give vibrant colours, flexibility, durability and elasticity to your sofa set. Also, for the elegant look leather designs are much in demand nowadays. The option of adding a change to the fabric defines the utility of the same to the maximum level.
  • Original leather sofa set: The genuine leather sofas are a costly affair but are true elegance to your décor. One cannot be left unimpressed with the marvelously made furniture piece.
    1. Sleek wooden collection: These prove to be a rich and famous collection of the category of sofa sets. The same is durable as well as designer, sleek and stylish, traditional yet modern. All the necessities have been blending into this piece of furniture accompanied by the modernization of the same.
  • Corner-to-corner sofa: This is an assembled type of sofa. Large and small pieces are arranged/assembled to cover up the corners of the room and thus giving an ethnic look while occupying less space. This type is mostly opted by large families to accommodate as per the available space. Generally, this suits living/drawing rooms the best. The area saved can be substituted for other important indulgences.
    1. Sofa-cum-bed: This master creation is trending nowadays as it saves spaces and serves several purposes. This acts as a sofa that can be easily transformed into a bed whenever required. These prove to be a blessing to the small houses with more members. These also show their importance in the studios, apartments, etc.
    2. Lounger and recliners: These form the relaxing invitation part of the room. These have an easy space for grace and you to relax. Recliner sofa designs can be manual as well as automated. 
  • Sofas for halls/ L-type: L-type sofa sets are suitable for the big halls. They are designed as the durable, cost-effective and trendy modern-day option

The different types and kinds of sofa sets mentioned in the article add luxury as well as comfort to your living style. 

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