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Haryana State Government, Administrative and Department Manager, to introduce the submission and approval mechanism for online leave. Employees can apply online leaves and tour sanctions on the Intra Haryana Portal. This is a great initiative initiated as an intra-Haryana by the Haryana government.

Launch of the IntraHaryana portal by the government of Haryana. The government of Haryana will maintain the data of all employees. Fetch the data from it using services on the Intra Hry system portal and provide the data to the individual accordingly.

It includes the previous GPF statement and incomplete GPF credit loan recovery statement information for the latest GPF statement. The facility also has the facility to process and publish the salaries of department workers on this portal salary system. It provides the account branch with all the reporting required. And the actual employee can see the monthly compensation statement and another payment status of his salary slip. And you need to read this entire article carefully if you want to take advantage of these advantages.

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What is intra Haryana?

The government of Haryana has taken Harvard’s step to increase the state’s digitization. State employees can get where there is information about their payslip, GPF declaration, property return, and other essential resources with the aid of an intra Hry portal. The Portal is designed and developed by the Government of Haryana to provide various online advantages. Different information can be used on this online platform to provide full information about the services available and the registration process mentioned below.

IntraHaryana Registration

  • To enjoy the site’s benefits, every employee has to register at the Haryana portal.
  • Go to the official website for Intra Haryana,
  • At home, the page on the screen selects the new registration option.
  • To enter your employer form, payee code, and your salary bank account number, the system will display a new tab.
  • Check your details again, and then press the submit button.

Intra Haryana Annual property return

Employees may apply their annual returns on the property from the website portal of Haryana’s Integrated Financial Management System. They will provide and complete the process with a few details.

  • Visit the official web portal of IntraHaryana,
  • Select the new registration tab on the homepage, then enter the options:
  • Type of Employer
  • Code of payee
  • Wage bank account
  • Check your details again, and then press the submit button.
  • Enter your mobile number or HRMS number on the new page and click on Send.
  • The system will give you an OTP, enter the number to check the information.
  • Now, to continue, press the submit button and a new page will be shown with your user name.

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Property Return process after registration

  • Logging into the Intra Haryana account page using the official website
  • To log in, enter your password and user ID.
  • On the menu, pick Return Property Options.
  • Next, your name will be given by the portal, pick the year, and proceed.
  • The application form must be completed by an applicant with the following details:
  • Enter information regarding the property that is immovable and movable.
  • Information on your loan
  • Upload a signature of yours
  • The definitive submission.
  • Download a printout and take it.
  • Ensure that every move is saved as you complete the information submitted. It is also necessary for the applicant to download the form and take a printout for reference.

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How to fill online leaves using the Intra Haryana official website?

  • Go to the page on the official IntraHaryana website.
  • Using the user id and password, the new user must register with the above steps on the homepage login.
  • Select the online leads and the tour module on the account tab, then click on the My Leave option on the menu list.
  • Next, if you need leave, press apply for leaves. The portal will provide you with a leave request form to fill in.
  • Now enter the appropriate information, then click the Save button, and the page will show you the leaves pending from the Leave menu.
  • Select one of the options: leave pending, approval pending, or leave status.
  • Choose your choice, then enter details of when to take your leave. If indicated on the status leave option, other information besides taking the leave.
  • Now the procedure for online leave is complete.

Intra Haryana Web Portal Benefits

  • This web platform would provide employees of the state government with annual property returns.
  • The GPF (General Provident Fund) record was for the entire Indian government. This Haryana web portal will present all GPF information to government employees on their own that they do not need to visit the office to receive their GPF statements.
  • You can verify both your new GPF declaration and your previous GPF declaration.
  • With the aid of this official Haryana site, Haryana’s government workers will now be able to review their account data, such as salary slips, annual salary details, tax details, and other employee payment details.
  • Employees can search their whole service details in this portal to see what they have done in this time of work.
  • Employees may seek permission from the officer of the department through this web portal and from this portal officer to approve or deny their request for leave.
  • On this web portal, workers may also apply for tournament leave.

E-salary Haryana, GPF account services, online employee leaves details, annual property return, to name a few, are some of the most notable services available on the IntraHaryana portal. You need no longer visit state government offices to get the services you need, provided you have access to an internet connection along with an internet-enabled smartphone.

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