How to Win Chicken Dinner in PUBG ? Top Tips & Trice of PUBG

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In 2018 after the ate of PUBG. Pretty much everyone plays PUBG Mobile amusement. We should assume you play and you don’t get Chicken Dinner so you feel terrible. Presently today I’ll demonstrate to you how you win a chicken supper so Let’s Explore It.

Win Win Chicken Dinner

PUBG Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 

As we realize that on the off chance that you need to win a chicken supper so you do is that you need to remain inside the white zone till the finish of the diversion. So what’s happening when you play PUBG somebody fights against eminent loss you and can’t see them. He fires him and executes you.

Those individuals who have a total instrument of playing PUBG Mobile so individual effectively wins chicken supper. On the off chance that you have so great yet don’t have so what? Presently you can make your cell phone volume catches change into terminating catch. I know numerous applications accessible on a play store like Octopus and other which state that applications help to make your volume catches into terminating.

When you download these applications and you’ll open the application. you see some applications including PUBG Mobile. Open PUBG from it. So your PUBG record will be the band in the main endeavor. So why your record will band by utilizing this application? Well as indicated by this application make a space in a RAM for your smartphone and this is against the rules of PUBG. So what’s the arrangement?


The Solution is that you have to download an application called Gaming Controller it is unique in relation to all gaming controller applications why? since in this application isn’t state to open PUBG. Its make an air pocket type catch where on you set air pocket catch and press volume catch as you click on that place on your cell phone screen, the air pocket catch, similarly, will likewise tap on that place.

Does your PUBG record will band? No, your PUBG record won’t band why? since in this application will make an air pocket catch as work as you press a trigger.

How to setup?

Go to Play Store and inquiry Gaming Controller.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Gaming controller – Fire with Volume Button ScreenshotGaming controller – Fire with Volume Button ScreenshotGaming controller – Fire with Volume Button ScreenshotGaming controller – Fire with Volume Button Screenshot

After download an application. You get a Pop-up Auto Clicker for utilizing this application you have to tap on yes catch. You will enter in your smartphone’s settings seek Gaming Controller and snap on it. What’s more, again you click on an Ok catch. Presently customize bubble catch as you need.

Gaming control

You can utilize both volumes secure and down. In the event that you set air pocket catch on PUBG Mobile Map so when you click on volume up to catch so, Map will open. In the event that you set your air pocket catch on the firearm trigger so when you click on the volume down catch so the trigger will press.

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How to record PUBG internal sound

In android smartphone isn’t permitted to record any smartphone ‘s inward solid. So how we can record any smartphone’s internal sound. So If you utilize any application for screen recording so that applications will just record just outside the sound of the smartphone.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

For record PUBG or any internal sound, you have to download the application called YouTube Gaming after download YT Gaming application opens it. Snap-on PRESS START. Presently you will naturally sign in YT Gaming so. In upper side adjoining seek you get a bolt catch to click on it.

YouTube Gaming Recording 

In the wake of clicking you get to choice initially is STREAM and RECORD click on. Select video group like 720p and 480p. I select 720p snap on Next catch. Presently select an application which you need to record sound. On the off chance that you don’t get application which you need to record so tap on All Apps.

In the wake of choosing the application, you will again enter settings territory click on the alright catch. Return and permit camera, mic, and get to a smartphone, media for capacity. On the off chance that you need to record click on Start Now catch recording will star.

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Now conclusion this that you know about How you can best Control PUBG Mobile via a Volume Button. You know about How you can record PUBG internal sound