How to Change WiFi Name and Password On PC / Laptop

Juliet D'cruz

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Today is the Internet is essential for us. Today’s life is incomplete without the Internet. Almost everyone uses an Internet most of the people use the Internet by Smartphone and many others use it by Computer. At Mobile, if anyone uses the internet by SIM so he/she doesn’t reach that speed which he/she need. On the off chance that you utilize the Internet by SIM quick speed on account of the surge of Internet clients.

So what you do?

We use Wi-Fi for non-stop Internet speed because WiFi users are very low as comparatively SIM users. So now I’ll show you How to change WiFi name. First of all, let’s understand why we want to change our WiFi name. 

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From where we get WiFi. This company or individual changes the name of your WiFi as per your desires. Presently that time you like that name however, at this point you need to change your WiFi name. Today I’ll demonstrate to you how you can change your WiFi name. How about we See It…

#Step 1.

Change WiFi Name And Password Step 1. 

Enter Your Router IP in the Browser address bar. Notice that the IPs of the Router is not the same as any switch IP. For e.g, if your companion’s Router IP is like that so your IP is additionally unique. I give all conceivable Router IPs which is originated from a popular organization. On the off chance that your Router organization isn’t on it, so look through your Router Company on Google.

#Step 2.

Change WiFi Name And Password Step 2 

After you enter your WiFi Router IP in your PC or portable program look bar now you’ll find a Page See on Below Screenshot, Now Here you have to Enter User and Password. Practically all switch Default User ID or Name and Password is Admin.  In case if your router’s User name or ID and Password isn’t Admin so you can find it the Router behind the Router Box.

See Any WiFi Router User ID And Password Behind Box 

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

#Step 3.

Change WiFi Name And Password Step 3 

Now enter your User name and password click on the Login button. When you’ll enter on your router web page presently click Left Side corner You will discover 3 Dots, Click on that catch you’ll discover numerous choices, Click on Wireless Among from them.

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#Step 4.

Change WiFi Name And Password Step 4 

When you click on Wireless. For change WiFi Name and Password click on Basic Settings now you’ll enter in the event that you do all these all means so you’re ready to change WiFi name and Password. For the change, WiFi name click on SSID bar in it you can see your WiFi name click on it and enter the name as you want after doing the step click on save button. You’ll see a message that settings are successfully changed.

For a change, WiFi secret phrase does indistinguishable advance from you improve the situation a name change yet you can’t tap on SSID bar for change secret key snap on Pre-Shared Key territory on it you can’t see the secret word on this time. On the off chance that you need to change the secret word click on 8 specks and enter the secret key as you need. Notice that you should tap on a spare catch in the event that you can’t so nothing will be changed.