What is a BI Developer?

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Business intelligence (BI) is a set of technologies and practices for transforming business information into actionable reports and visualizations. BI was established in the early 80s and has evolved as a separate industry over time, and has created many positions and careers.

Power BI is an entirely new tool in the hands of companies who have the volume of data at their disposal overwhelmed and have not had a cost-efficient tool until now to gain insight. After the Power BI training course, you can use this BI tool online, a collection of tools and applications to extract data from many sources and turn it into a well-managed and coherent set of information, visually appealing observations, interactive data, graphs, and reports.

What is a BI developer?

It is a technology-driven data process that helps leaders, managers, and other users make business decisions in an informed way. Developers of business intelligence or BI developers make data easily understood by business owners.

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Starting a company and operating it often involves many inevitable elements and stuff – and data is one of the most relevant. Each organization must employ someone to collect and sort the data. This specialist will analyze information and ensure that all is in perfect order in this field.

What does BI Developer do?

Business intelligence uses software tools to transform data into valuable insights for business decision-making. BI tools provide users with comprehensive knowledge of the market’s state, accessing and analyzing data sets, and presenting analytical results in the study, summaries, dashboards, graphs, diagrams, and maps.

BI developers must know how to handle various data types such as a tablet, CSV, XML. As a BI Developer, everything from coding to testing to debugging to the implementation of newly developed tools can be included.

A BI developer spends a great deal of time studying and preparing ideas for current business issues. The creation of OLAP, or online analysis, will also be under the responsibility of BI developers. They deal with both relatively and multidimensional databases.

Is Power BI Developer a promising career?

The business intelligence sector (BI) optimizes business decisions by combining technology, business processes, data, and analytical solutions and contributes to success. Business intelligence processes, technologies, and techniques have become coveted skills, and many companies have become technical priorities. You should expect to get an initial salary equal to that of an early data scientist when you seek a job in BI analysis. New BI analysts receive an initial payment of around $87,000, while managers almost double their upcoming salaries.


In recent years, this career has gained tremendous popularity and demand. And its success does not seem to decrease in the future. The global BI market is projected to rise from $15B in 2016 to $29B by 2022, according to Stratistics MRC. It means that demand would only increase for BI developers.

How to become BI Developer?

Those looking for a profession in which data and business intelligence systems play a central role need to rely on the four pillars of BI: people, process, technology, and data. A Business Intelligence certificate typically offers you an introduction to the technology, techniques, and fundamental knowledge necessary for any BI project.

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A degree that gives educational background in computer science, math, software development, or a closely associated field is needed as a software developer. The industry in which you work is required to have strong computer programming skills and additional skills. For instance, financial knowledge would be helpful for developers working inside a bank or similar economic enterprise.

BI developers acquire expertise in writing code at school and typically begin their work as computer programmers. The person will work towards becoming a developer with experience and a continually improving ability.

BI developers are generally responsible for software from start to finish, so they need to solve problems in problem-solving strategies during the design process. Employers look at attributes like good analytical abilities and people who can build applications to meet customers’ needs by evaluating specific needs when recruiting a BI developer. All positive qualities in this field of work include imagination, high computer skills, and information orientation.

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BI Developer Skills

There are no uniform skills for a BI developer since various projects present various challenges. Below is a list of universal business intelligence skills that show an outstanding candidate for BI.

  • Tech background: Based on Python, JavaScript, and others, a BI solution needs a good knowledge of the language. BI developers should know the warehouse architecture, data formats, and data viewing software too.
  • BI tools: BI developers must be well-versed in their technology stack to configure BI resources such as Apache Superset or Hadoop for the proper project.
  • Strong database knowledge: It has been important as BI experts interact to create a functional BI interface with SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Quality Assurance: In the quality assurance of BI interfaces, BI engineers play a key role. It is essential to ensure that the BI interface is flawless before presenting it to the end-users.
  • Solid software development skills: The ability to program depends on the needs of the project. Some need a handheld BI interface. Others use desktop interfaces. The creation of software is, therefore, a key competency for this position.

What benefits BI Developers bring to the business?

The essential advantage of using a BI developer is that all business decisions are made clear and easy to evaluate through a sophisticated data flow. When a company owner may view information about businesses, it is easier to plan further steps and create different strategies for corporate growth to achieve prosperity. BI is an essential bridge between data and a business.

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Final words

Today, all businesses and departments need comprehensive business insights, and you can take Power from this Business Intelligence tool. You can easily use several data sources, convert your data to a report, graph, or visualize data, as necessary. You can get real-time insights and deploy them faster than any other BI platform on the market by implementing Power BI. It is highly intuitive and open-source and doesn’t need IT or technical support.


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