Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

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The recent years have turned social media from a mere tool for international communication and socialization into an enormous hub of network building for marketing and advertising. With the growing use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for engagement, along with the increasing dependence of people on these sites, it becomes harder for businesses to catch up with the competition without taking advantage of the opportunity that social media presents. 

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If you are looking to grow your business and outgrow the competition at that, experts in social media services might come in handy for you. However, with a little examination of the benefits and drawbacks of social media marketing, we can help you decide on whether it would be worth it for your business, and how you can use it to your advantage. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using social media platforms for your ventures:


  • It’s more cost-effective

Setting up a profile and posting organic marketing content is free for almost all social media platforms. This makes social media marketing a lot cheaper than most traditional advertising methods. Should you feel the need to up your game, you can also opt to publish paid content to promote your reach and increase the return of investment for your business. Paid advertisements can be affordable or costlier, depending on factors such as promotion duration and exposure that you can customize to suit your preferences and needs.

  • It provides a bigger audience and more traffic for your website

With the growing flexibility and extensiveness of social media as platforms for socialization, entertainment, news, business, and the like, it would be plain to see how people also get increasingly drawn to spending their time there. With this, you can take the opportunity offered by this ever-growing community by posting timely and appealing posts to draw customers to your products. 

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Moreover, if you also manage a separate website for your business, you can link your products’ page from your social media profiles. Introducing this link building can also attract traffic to your website and improve their search engine optimization.

  • It induces brand awareness and reputation

With greater visibility comes a better opportunity for your brand to be known online. By exposing your target audience to your brand through attractive content, you can easily build familiarity and convert prospects into loyal customers. Building your brand reputation can also assert authority and lets you become a thought leader within your field, increasing your credibility and possibly making some of your customers do some of the marketing for you.  

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  • You get to know your audience better

During the whole process, you can learn about your target audience’s interests and opinions and in turn, evaluate the success of your marketing performance. Social media platforms provide marketplace insights and demographic data which you can use to measure the impact of your previous posts and track sales generated by your advertisements which you can use to evaluate your consumers’ interests and then finally, plan on creating more engaging content. 

  • It can lead to better customer service satisfaction

Social interaction is one of the core elements important in social media marketing. By being attentive and responsive to your customers’ feedback and concerns, you can not only increase traffic on your page but also increase the trust and loyalty of your customers to your brand. It is no doubt that sellers also find it more convenient in social media to connect with their customers, and in the same way, customer feedback and concerns are easier to voice out, leading to more customer satisfaction when managed properly.



  • It’s prone to security and privacy risks

Social media sites are susceptible to the constant threat of hacking, data leaks, and other security breaches. Online hackers, for instance, can force access to your personal data, customer transaction information, and computer files. There is also the risk of scammers in people or agencies you may transact with. There many ways online security may fail without anyone even knowing that privacy had been compromised already. 

  • Backlashes and trolls can tarnish your image

Social media marketing gives promising opportunities for your business, but it can also backfire awfully when content creation is not planned carefully. Your audience can give your posts equal probabilities of negative and positive feedback. On Facebook, for instance, one undesirable comment to a post seen as offensive can tarnish your brand’s image and embarrass your business altogether, creating a large-scale and messy impact, especially if you’ve already established a high following reach. This is one of the reasons why considering the socio political atmosphere of your target audience is also essential in posting content. 

Trolls are also a common problem in social media that infests some business pages. Some people are out to destroy your brand’s image, which can be detrimental to your business’ growth.

  • Return on investment is oftentimes slow

Oftentimes, what’s not expensive for your money can be tolling for your time, especially without the help of professionals in social media services. In the case of social media marketing which usually involves long-term planning and community-building, maintaining your presence is not only time-consuming and demanding in a way that requires your regular attention for audience interaction. You may also find that it takes as long as a few weeks to see the results of your labor. 

  • Its transparency can tip your competitors about your strategies and their effects

Competition is dramatically growing in social media as an arena of digital marketing. You may find your unique and effective strategy copied or even beaten by another competitor in no time due to the high publicity that social media platforms have to offer.

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Social media marketing can be tricky, especially in an increasingly competitive and changing virtual environment. If your business is just starting small, you might find it safer to invest in strategists for social media services so you can begin your digital marketing venture correctly at the very least, and learn the process and avoid these kinds of obstacles along the way.


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