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Government jobs are considered the most prestigious ones. Youth dream of these jobs for a secured future. Sometimes candidates are well aware of what they want to perceive in future and take early steps toward their goals. Whereas sometimes the candidate is unsure about where they want to lead, they already complete their education and start working with the private sector.

When one starts the journey early, they have much time to prepare or even more attempts to improve. But when the decision is delayed due to any factors or late realization, it is evident that the shots are limited, and the efforts required are endless.

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In both the scenarios, whether starting early or way later, one thing is undeniable: practising the questions, getting well with the tricks, and being well-versed with the patterns.

The patterns and types of questions of competitive exams are somewhat similar. And one of the areas of similarity in such exam papers is- Logical Reasoning.

Logical reasoning needs more focus on understanding the questions. These questions are formatted such as it would be more confusing even if the answer is simple and just right in front of us sometimes.

However, if practised well, Logical Reasoning questions could add more points to your exam papers.

Let us see a few of the types of questions related to Logical Reasoning that could appear in the examination.

Blood Relation Reasoning

The concept is self-explanatory, as in what you could expect from this type of questions. The Blood Relation Reasoning question may come in the following forms

  • Coding-decoding is a method where symbols are used to created question about the relationship between two people
  • Puzzle based questions are created in a way to make confusion about the relationship
  • Conversation based questions are the ones where dialogues are used to create a question about the relation.

For example- E is a brother of A. M is a brother of A. His father of M. T is the wife of H. How is A related to T?

  1. A) Son                  
  2. B) Daughter       
  3. C) Son or Daughter         
  4. D) Data inadequate        
  5. E) None of these

Number Series Reasoning

In Logical Reasoning, Number Series Reasoning is associated with numbers or letters or both. Like the name itself indicates, the questions consisted of numbers or letters and their correlations. After closely observing this and solving the question, one has to find the answer or the missing number or find the odd one out of those.

For example- 7 9 8 6 10 9 5 11 10 ? 12

Here in the above example, the task is to find out the missing digit between 10 and 12.

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Data Sufficiency Reasoning

Here the task is slightly different from the others. In Data Sufficiency Reasoning, the candidate doesn’t have to find the answer to the given question. Instead, the data is provided, and so are the options or sentences. A candidate needs to check the answers carefully, cross-check the data and choose the correct sentence.

Sometimes among the given options, one is correct or all of them or none of them.

Syllogism Reasoning

Syllogism Reasoning might need more concentration and can be a tricky one. These questions are constructed so that you may need to, infact, it could be an easier way to solve the quiz using a VENN diagram.

There are basically three types of premises;

  • Minor Premises
  • Major Premises 
  • Conclusion

All the reasoning types are a healthy way to stimulate your intelligence and, hence, judge your intellectual sense in the competitive exams. These questions are tricky in an obvious way, but as the old proverb goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, the only way to master a skill or crack the problem is to keep trying until you get the desired result.

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