7 Accessible and Free Online Tools To Quickly Convert PDF to PDF/A

Juliet D'cruz

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Computers are considered a significant part of our lives. We rely on them to assist us in completing multiple tasks, including editing images, documentations, reading books, and many more. But when we use such devices, we often use them to write or read papers at school or for business purposes. 

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Technology is continually evolving every day — what may now seem innovative likely could be outdated in a couple of years from now. With change coming too quickly, doing what you can to ensure your valuable documents’ validity for personal or company use can save you from any headache in the future. Here, we listed the top 7 online tools you can use to convert your documents/files from PDF to PDF/A. 


  1. PDFBear (Highly Recommended Tool) 


If you are looking for a free tool that can help you convert PDF to PDFA format, PDFBear is the right choice. We strongly suggest this tool for anyone who finds it challenging to convert their files. This way, you can assure that your documents and their elements are recorded in the file for safety, accessibility, and security for many years to come. You can straightforwardly convert your documents in not more than two minutes with four (4) easy steps below: 


  • You need to choose the PDF document you wish to convert to PDF/A. 


  • Then, the selected document will be uploaded and scanned in the software.


  • Next, wait for a minute or two until the files are successfully converted.


  • Your file is now ready for download and stored on your device.


Since then, privacy is essential. It’s the reason some people prefer to put locks on file organizers and rent protection bins. Same with our digitized information and more data being exchanged electronically, data privacy turns out to be more significant. With PDF Bear, the 246-piece encryption innovation would always ensure that your uploaded documents are safe and secured.

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  1. PDFTron on PDF SDK 


The next tool on the list is PDFTron, also known as the software development kit (SDK). It can efficiently add PDF features to any available program or workflow. The same process on the first converter requires selecting and uploading the document you wish to convert. Just wait for a while until conversion ends, and when it’s set, the record is now ready to download.


PDF/A documents generated utilizing this free online tool are ISO-compliant and approve VeraPDF. VeraPDF is a PDF/A validator supported by the PDF business and led by the Open Preservation Foundation. The most remarkable aspect is, it can confirm or change over twenty (20) file formats to PDF/A documents. 


  1. AvePDF 


AvePDF is recognized as a revolutionary software framework for keeping PDF files and documentation on the web. To start, you need to upload any PDF document from your device or cloud storage provided with a maximum file size of 500 MB; this software will change the form automatically. It also makes sure to keep your file secure with its encryption techniques. Any records transferred are quickly eliminated following thirty (30) minutes. You have the option to manually delete your file right after the completion of processing by merely pressing the bin button.


Multiple electronic records are being held for a long time for legal purposes, for example, life insurance, since long-term access to files is needed and essential. Changing your PDF files over to PDF/An is crucial to saving your critical records for potential use in the future. 


  1. IlovePDF 


Another useful tool on the list is IlovePDF. It offers a Free PDF Viewer with an entire range of PDF convenience resources. It is an easy-to-use software that can help you to organize, compress, transform, and protect your PDF files reliably. You can develop your performance and improve stable information access with vast measures of records stored on your desktop or laptop. Disregard the internet limitations and change how you manage records with these specially built online tools for business or individual use. 

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  1. Wondershare PDFelement 


This converter is considered a modern PDF application to save your PDF to PDF/A format. When you open this application, you can save it into a PDF/A document. You can send out information, import information, and develop PDF forms with PDFelement. 


Its UI is direct, allowing you to instantly modify text in PDF files by copying, embeddings, or eliminating text and images. Likewise, you may change a report’s pages to keep it clean and ordered. 


This converter is easy to use, letting every user move their PDF documents to various formats without any problem. It has flexible output options and can interpret different records into one file in multiple formats.


  1. Soda PDF Converter 


Another free PDF converter recommended for you to use is Soda PDF. This application is notably accessible from all over the place, whatever devices or software you use. You can download, read, and assemble PDF files online or on your desktop. You may pick what fits better for a few seconds or a minute.


  1. 3-Heights PDF to PDF/A Converter 


The 3-HeightsTM PDF to PDF/A Converter is an excellent option if you’re looking for a tool that is accessible for long-term archiving of PDF files. This tool is versatile and easily adaptable, making it ideal for incorporating multiple processes like quality assurance, standardization, and archive migration.

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Figuring out how to convert your PDF documents these days is highly suggested since we are generally going online today. Along these lines, get and utilize the best PDF converter tool accessible to assist you with your conversion problems, and let our list of tools help you with that.