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Suppose your work exposes you to the use of different processing software like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. In that case, you may already be aware of how easy they are to be edited even after being transmitted via hard-drive or email. You would not have any problem trying to find access to make modifications on these raw files since it is open access.

The downside with the open-access property of raw files is the fact that it cannot preserve the original structure and format of the file. Hence, if you send your document to other people, he/she may receive it in a messed-up format or lacking detail. This is because the processing software used to create the raw file may not be compatible with your device’s system.

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How to preserve formatting and elements of your raw document?

The way to go is to convert your Word to PDF since the latter is known to preserve the details within your document, regardless of your receiver’s operating systems or platform. You can do this by using an online Word to PDF converter since it would be better than software that can be expensive, has installation requirements, and consumes your device’s storage.

When it comes to online conversion, PDFBear is the best choice for you. It boasts one of the best technologies online, both in encryption and preservation, so it is assured that you will have the best results. Also, its services are not just limited to converting PDF files; it also has other offers like allowing users access to modify their PDF by adding texts, pictures, etc.

Save your time with the PDFBear’s swift processing

Among the edges of PDFBear is the fact that its processing is undeniably swift. The website creators have a deep understanding of how time should be valued, especially in the context of students or corporate employees, who are mostly the population catered to by the platform. For this reason, PDFBear is crafted to offer a very short time of waiting to its users.

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Straightforward user interface

It’s annoying how some internet platforms are tough to explore because of the many buttons and complicated instructions. It is as if these websites have no regard to some people who may be non-tech-savvy. Thankfully, PDFBear’s website is user-friendly. It has a layout that is easily understandable and instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow.

Unparalleled technology

When it comes to converting files, the platform’s ability to preserve the details of the raw file and transfer them to the PDF version is one of the things to be considered. After all, you do not want a PDF version that omits some of the essential details of the original files. PDFBear has the best preservation technology to ensure your raw document’s details are intact.

Safeguard users’ privacy

With the growing concern of violations of privacy rights on the internet, there is a need to ensure that the website you are using stays true to its privacy policy to safeguard your rights. PDFBear makes sure to install the best encryption tool there is to avoid any breaches on their server. Uploaded files will also be deleted an hour after the process is finished.

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Compatibility with any platform

It is indeed worrisome to have an obsolete unit since some websites on the internet cannot work with outdated devices or operating systems. This is not a concern for PDFBear. You can use any device, operating systems, or browser to avail the services of the platform. The creators ensure that the website will work flawlessly across various platforms.

Convenient cloud storage

The advantage of PDFBear against high-paid software is primarily attributed to its ability to save space in your device. Instead of consuming your device’s storage which may affect its performance, the process uses cloud storage. Therefore, the only thing you will need aside from your device is a stable internet connection to get the job done.

How to use PDFBear in converting your PDF to Word?

The steps are easy. The first thing you have to do is upload your file to the server by dragging it into the conversion box or selecting it from your device. PDFBear will scan your file and convert it into PDF. All that is required for you to do is wait. The last step is to download the PDF version of your Word file, which will be rendered by the page after the process is done.

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Online Converters come in handy, especially if you are in a field where you have to be exposed to working with electronic documents. To eliminate the risk of some of the details of your file being omitted, you have to be familiar with platforms like Word to PDF converters. PDFBear is indeed the best online converter with its preservation technology and other features.