Is CBD Oil Healthy?

Juliet D'cruz

Updated on:

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the most popular components of the cannabis plant. Its properties have miraculous effects on a vast spectrum of health issues and complications. Although certain components of Cannabis can cause rigorous psychoactive responses, CBD has passed the test on this dilemma. 

CBD flowers are generally derived from Hemp plants, which also belong to the family of marijuana. While it can also be manufactured from laboratories, the structure of CBD is unique, which makes it different from other intoxicating sister elements.

The quality that turns this cannabis component into a less risky medication is that it has less to no psychoactive stimulation like THC or Delta-8. This behaviour of CBD enables researchers to be vacant in the fields of study to gain more knowledge about the mystery component in medical science.

While CBD flower can be a meticulous natural remedy to certain health problems, many studies are to confirm its effectiveness in human biology. But with the ample amount of studies done through the years, some benefits are concluded by scientists, which can be helpful in medical technology. It has contributed selective health benefits to the world.

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Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits claimed by researchers by the evidence collected through the years. It helps in treating dangerous diseases like:-


– Epilepsy Syndrome

– Arthritis

– Multiple Sclerosis

– Certain lung conditions

– Parkinson’s disease

– Alzheimer’s disease

– Asthma

– Seizures

– Heart problems

– Cancer (claimed not proven)

The major plus point of this mystery remedy is that not only it helps in treating chronic diseases but also has therapeutic uses for common ailments such as –

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– Anxiety

– Depression

– Migraines

– allergies

– Nausea

– Sleep disorders

– Clusters, etc.

Although it has been in the limelight of medical sciences for the past few years, still there are no guaranteed consequences of this drug. There are indeed more studies in this field, but there are still significant outcomes to state its side effects.

Side effects of CBD

 We know that it is safe to consume any kind of drug in specific amounts. It also goes for the use of CBD. Though there are very few studies to back the safe amount of consumption, certain researchers claim that dosages of up to 200mg have safely been used for more than ten weeks.

Still, it may cause certain side effects like:-

– Dryness of mouth

– Low BP

– Nausea

– Drowsiness

– Reduced appetite

– Gastrointestinal issues

– It may also cause certain liver ailments, etc.


CBD is certainly an unregulated component in many major countries. And as there are very few studies regarding the effectiveness of this drug, it should be used with utmost precaution and safety.

It indeed has many health benefits and less problematic side effects. Still, it’s a drug with very limited knowledge. And even if you decide to use CBD oil, you should be aware of the side effects and acquire it from a very reliable source. Always seek consultation before consumption.