Safety Shoes: A Complete Buying Guide

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However, there are many types of safety shoes to choose from, which can be beneficial or confusing, depending on your knowledge and experience. Safety boots, work shoes, and safety training shoes are just some of the footwear you can choose from. But which is best for you? Well, we are here to give you a complete guide to safety and work shoes. We’ll discuss the main types of footwear available to you, their best uses, and the features of each to help you choose the right footwear for your job.

What are safety shoes?

As the name suggests, safety shoes are designed to keep people’s feet safe while working in all industries, thereby reducing the severity of injuries that can occur in the workplace. For many people, for example, you might think of safety boots on a construction site. This shoe protects your entire foot through its design, including the toes, sole, and ankle. Safety shoes can protect you from:


·         Effects of heavy objects that may fall on the ground

·         Sharp objects that can be dropped or stepped on

·         Absorbs water, oil or other liquids

·         Static build-up

·         Extreme temperature

What types of safety shoes are there?

There are three main types of safety shoes for women  – boots, shoes, and sneakers. Each offers different levels of protection and can be used in a variety of situations and workplaces. Another type of footwear may include work boots and safety wellington boots. We will discuss each one and its functions separately.

Safety boots

Safety boots are the most common type of safety footwear and are known for their protective toe cap and many other safety features, including a non-slip sole, an anti-penetration midsole. If you work in all industries, safety boots are used to help protect your feet, thereby reducing the severity of injuries that can occur. Wearing these boots is essential for keeping your feet safe and healthy. The front of the safety boot has protective reinforcement to make it more durable.

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This helps protect your feet from falling objects and accidental compression – which is why you should wear safety boots in the warehouse. Safety boots usually have a plate on the main outsole to prevent possible punctures from the bottom of the foot.

What are the characteristics of safety boots?

We’ve noticed some of the most well-known steel toe caps, but there are many features on safety boots to be aware of to keep you safe in the workplace:

·         Steel toe cap: Tested according to EN ISO European standards, it protects the toes from dangerous heavy objects and can withstand 200 joules – 20 kg of impact.

·         Padded collar and tongue: For ankle support and security, while the tongue provides object protection.

·         Penetrating Midsole: kameymall shoes Prevent sharp objects from penetrating the boot and hitting your foot.

·         Non-Slip Soles: Workboot soles are resistant to many hazards, including slippery surfaces. Made of ethylene-vinyl acetate, a rubber that resists cracking hardens and provides good cushioning.

·         Heat Resistance: This may vary in many boots, but safety boots can withstand temperatures up to 300°C.

·         Breathable Lining: The lining on the upper part of the boot is breathable to keep your feet from overheating, whether in a warm work environment or not.

·         Chemical Resistance: Some soles are resistant to acids, bases, and chemicals, but it’s a good idea to check your project for the presence of these.

·         Shock-absorbing heel: Provides a secure fit and comfortable structure around the heel.

Safety shoes are ideal for those working in stores, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and even office workers who may need to enter high-risk areas. Like safety boots, they have a protective steel toe cap, although they are “metal-free” and known as composite shoes, they are lighter. Safety shoes can protect you from heat, chemicals, oil, electric shock, and harmful acids. The sole is well padded and provides great comfort while reducing fatigue. They are also usually lined with moisturizing materials to help keep your feet dry and warm.

Safety trainer

Safety shoes are a more casual safety shoe for those who don’t like wearing standard safety shoes. The relaxed and comfortable style of the Safety Trainer makes it ideal for businessmen, delivery drivers and can be a popular choice for school and college events. Although it may be considered more aesthetically appealing due to its more casual look, the safety trainer will still use a steel toe or plastic (called a composite toe) to protect your feet.

Considerations when buying safety shoes

Now that we’ve walked you through the types of safety shoes and their features, here are some final considerations to keep in mind when shopping.

What is the mean of security level?

Safety shoes, especially boots, can have different safety levels. They can also be abbreviated, so we explain them below:

·         SB – Safety Basic: The most basic safety level for footwear.

·         SBP – Similar to SB, with midsole penetration protection

·         S1 – Antistatic, Oil Resistant, and Energy Absorbing Properties: Offers a higher level of performance than SB, but still includes toe protection.

·         S1P – Similar to S1, with penetration protection

·         S2 – Protection against water penetration: Includes the safety features of S1, but is also resistant to water penetration and is resistant to absorption.

·         S3 – Midsole Penetration Resistance: Building on the S1 and S2 with toe protection, antistatic properties, and energy absorption and fuel resistance.

·         S4 – Leak-proof: Made of polymer or rubber, making it waterproof.·         S5 – Leak Proof with Midsole Penetration Protection: Building on the S4 and S1 with Penetration Protection. Highest security level.

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