Annual Events in Western Canada to Look Forward To in 2022

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Annual Events in Western Canada

Since we are still in the first few months of 2022, you have plenty of time to start planning your must-attend events. Like most countries, Canada is steeped in its traditions and celebrations. As large as Canada is, you will find events in all provinces that are dear to the citizens. Neighborhood events are a certain draw when you are researching real estate. Let’s touch on just a few of the numerous occasions planned for 2022.

Celebration of Light

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Celebration of Light is a week’s long fireworks competition. In 2022 it will be back for its 30th season. The even started as a competition but morphed into a celebrated tradition for British Columbians.

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The Celebration of Light is held at the shores of the English Bay and draws attendees from across Canada. It has turned into a huge festival to celebrate togetherness between Canadians. It is a huge block party with food, music, and many activities.

Additionally, the event looks to highlight talent from their communities. Many performances and events are held within the Celebration of Light to showcase all Vancouver has to offer. And if it doesn’t sound amazing enough, they are committed to making their event more environmentally friendly every year.

Calgary Stampede

If you’ve been searching for Calgary homes for sale, you must be aware of the Calgary Stampede. Steeped in Western traditions, Calgary holds this festival every year to celebrate rodeo. The festival is traced back to 1886. In addition to the rodeo, there is a huge exhibition and festival combined with this event.

Calgary’s identity is essentially intertwined with the event in that they are called Stampede City and their football team is the Stampeders. Each year there is a new queen and two princesses declared as Stampede Royalty. 

In celebration with cowboys, there is also the celebration of the First Nations, and an Indian princess is chosen each year as well. Although the English settlers and the Natives have had conflicts, the Natives have been enthusiastic to join in since the very beginning.


Held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this festival is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival in the world. It was first held in 1970 as a one-time event but it was so popular, it has continued every year since.

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This festival brings diversity and respect to Manitoba’s diverse population and their traditions. There is a variety of foods, activities, workshops, and teachings. The purpose of this event is to uphold diversity and promote cultural education.

The event is made possible by about 20,000 volunteers and about 21% of the visitors come from outside of Manitoba. Each country gets a pavilion and there are over 40 different pavilions in all. Some included in the pavilions are Caribbean, Chinese, African, Phillipian, and Chilean. These pavilions get over 400,000 visits during the event.

In addition to this handful of western events, there are countless more across Canada. You can see that Canada is quite integrated with many other countries and cultures. There’s a place for everyone in the heart of Canada and maybe one of these events will lead you to your new home.

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