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Surrogacy is a whole arrangement for the process of becoming a parent. Also, it’s not allowed in every country, but now so many countries have made legal.

Also, it’s a pretty expensive procedure, so every country charges a different cost for surrogacy.Now the question is that how much surrogate mother costs? As every country has other policies of this procedure.

Surrogate mother cost in the US:

Every country has different guidelines for this treatment. So the US is. Also, this treatment costs around $120,000 to $150,000 in the US. Additionally, the surrogate mother in the US costs around $1500.

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It doesn’t include any other services. It’s just the fees of the surrogate mother as she’s going to carry a child for nine months, and that’s an extended period.

Surrogate mother cost in Ukraine:    

Surrogacy treatment in Ukraine costs around $35000. Also, surrogacy is quite famous in Ukraine as its services are brilliantly excellent. Also, clinics in Ukraine provide the benefits of surrogacy that match the customer’s satisfaction level.

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The best thing about Ukraine surrogacy is paying them through installments. However, client’s don’t have to pay the total amount at a time. Also, the cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine is very reasonable, and it’s not like the other countries amount.

So, if you want a surrogate mother, then going to Ukraine isn’t that bad of an idea.

Surrogate mother’s cost in Germany:

Till now, proper surrogacy treatment isn’t legal in Germany. However, it’s only allowed in that case if a lady wants to help an infertile couple to make them parents.

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Also, in Germany, there are no fees for such arrangements. So, in Germany, if someone keeps another child for nine months, then there’s no such required cost to pay a surrogate lady. Even it’s illegal in Germany to pay surrogate mothers.

She can only do this for the sake of humanity and to help infertile couples.

Surrogate mother’s cost in Europe:  

Many countries in Europe and other countries don’t have similar surrogate mothers’ costs. But in all the nations, surrogate mothers’ prices are pretty identical.

In Italy, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, and Greece, almost every country has similar policies and surrogate costs, as all the lands belong to Europe.


Carrying a child isn’t an easy task to do. Also, when it comes to having any other person’s child, it asks. For extra take care. Additionally, how much a surrogate mother costs doesn’t matter because she’s doing a susceptible job.Every country’s surrogate mother cost is different. As the policies of surrogacy in every country are other.

But the US and Ukraine could be the best option to go for surrogacy. Especially if you want it free of cost, then going to Germany is a better option, but they only allow it with client’s egg. Also, Europe is suitable for surrogacy treatment. They’re very concerned about the treatments that happen during this procedure, and they never allow this treatment if they find any health issues with the surrogate mother.