Reverse Image Search from your mobile and why we use it?

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Reverse image search is an advanced technology of different search engines that takes an image file as an input to initiate searching relevant data and returns visual images of several measurements and resolutions with similar content. 

Furthermore, via this procedure, we can extract information about the objects of any photograph. It is a content-based image retrieval technique that provides information from all over the internet and their source. 

Occasionally a specific keyword is also sufficient to recruit the whole procedure.

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  • Reverse Image Search on Phone via DupliChecker

Reverse image search via phone doesn’t require any effort. Whenever you take images of products through your smartphone to find similar items on the internet, you can check their prices or availability or find a recipe for making food via Search by image. 

It involves the following steps:

  1. Initially, you have to open a browser and access the search by image tool of DupliChecker. 
  2. Upload any of your photos by tapping on the “Upload” icon present in the tool.
  3. It offers you to enter a URL to initiate the photo search. You can get URL BY switching between tabs after opening the image separately in a window.
  4. After uploading the photograph in this image finder, you need to wait for the results after clicking “Similar Search Image.”
  5. Within a few seconds, the tool will provide you a list of reverse images along with all the recent data. 
  • Tineye 

It is another world’s fastest and most accurate image recognition option for mobile phones. This online tool offers you an Advanced image identification process for content moderation and to detect fraud. Tineye performs fast and accurate label matching for the beverage industry within a few moments.  It is well known to Track where and how your images appear online. It Verifies images and conforms to copyrights. In short, this online tool provides you the opportunity Connect the physical world to the digital using image recognition. Furthermore, it is also known as the best color search tool.

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Why we use Reverse Image Search?

In many situations, we need to use this content-based image retrieval technique. Some of these conditions are:

  • To Discover the original foundation

Unfortunately, there are several plagiarism cases as individuals copy someone else’s ideas and claim their work. In such cases, an image search engine contributes to discovering the source or inventor of any photograph. While reading any book with multiple attractive images, you can use reverse image search on your phone to determine the foundation of any image. 

  • To Search similar pictures

Probing all over the internet to find an image with similar content is a difficult task. However, you can solve a problem or search for similar pictures from all over the internet via this technique. It is well known for delivering Perfect Corresponding visual representations from various articles and sources about which you wouldn’t have found on your own.

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  • Reserve Copyrights

If you are a proficient photographer or digital content creator, you might face copyright complications. In such situations, reverse image search is all you need to protect your data. A reverse image search tool by DupliChecker offers you the option to search on your mobile phone to find out who is using your pictures without permission. You can ask them to link back to your page or website. 

  • Learn about various objects

While looking at any picture, numerous objects grab your attention. Occasionally while looking at any particular photograph, you get curious about the beautiful places in them. It is no longer a problem as reverse image lookup is a technique that will fulfill your mission of finding information about the places and present objects quickly via mobile phone.

  • To search fake accounts

Reverse image search on mobile phones helps you to detect fake accounts. If someone uses your photos on a fake social media account, you can carry out a Facebook image search on your phones using duplichecker. Consequently, you will be able to protect your reputation and personal identity.

  • Enhance search engine optimization

you can use this technique to uncover plagiarized photos and find people who are using your pictures without attaching any credits; therefore, you can ask people to mention you as the rightful author. You can ask them to link back to your page to enhance your optimization. 

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All the aspects mentioned above are the finest wonders of technology these days. You can use a reverse image search tool on your phone for various purposes as it gives identity to your work by recognizing and citing the images. It is persistent, reliable, and easy to use technology for every internet user. Furthermore, there is no need to get nervous about the safety of your work. AI-based tools that offer this feature offer you comprehensive safety assurance. 


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