Facts about Quantum Physics Everyone Should Understand

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Are you tired of hearing about quantum physics? Does it make you feel, as they say, at loose ends? Are you looking for physics homework help? Talk to the experts. Well, while it’s true that quantum physics is a topic that can seem intimidating to understand or even broach with your family and friends, it’s also true that this information is essential to understanding our technological world.

Here are distinct facts that will help get you started on your way to a better grasp of this fascinating subject.

  1. Quantum Physics Explains the Entire Physical Universe

Do you want to know why something is the way that it is? Quantum physics can explain it for you. For example, without quantum physics we wouldn’t have:

Neurotransmitters; without which all thinking and feeling would cease to exist.

Radio waves; which allow the transmission of information around the world.

Clouds; without which we wouldn’t have the four seasons.

Killer rays; without which the human race would have ceased to exist after a few generations.

Electrons and protons; without which we couldn’t have nuclear energy for our energy needs, either for use or to produce nuclear bombs or atomic reactors.

Your body; without which you wouldn’t be here to read this article.

The moon; without which your night sky would be a disc-shaped and—just trust us on this one—much less pretty.

In short, quantum physics is the key to understanding why there is even a physical universe. It goes far beyond merely describing how the world works, as it appears that way to your senses. On a scientific level, it shows us that there is much more going on than our minds can comprehend.

This is why quantum physics is one of the most profound and far-reaching discoveries ever made.

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  1. Everything is comprised of waves and particles

The universe seems to comprise two primary categories: waves, which are spread out everywhere within it, and particles, which are confined to certain locations. It is a theory developed through quantum physics, which describes the relationship between these two categories and how they influence every aspect of living and non-living matter in our universe.

So what does this mean? Simply put, it means that every object in the universe is made up of both waves and particles. The way that these two aspects interact with each other determines the nature of our perceived physical universe. Waves and particles are also related to energy and matter.

  1. Quantum mechanics is unique

There is no question that Quantum Physics is unique. It has a very special character all of its own. In this regard, it differs from classical physics in that instead of being continuous (in which the world can be described as being made up of smooth curves and such), quantum physics is discrete. It means that the world is made up of individual elements instead of smoothly transitions between states.

  1. Quantum Physics Is Probabilistic in nature

If you think about it, all of our physical world can be described as a system of probability. Quantum mechanics describes the electrons in an atom as waves that are passing in and out of the atom at certain rates. When stars are born, they are made of hydrogen atoms. These hydrogen atoms all have the same elements but variations in mass or energy levels that occur when they were born.

How? As they came to be, part of the hydrogen atom changed form. That means that those atoms have certain probabilities of coming into existence.

  1. Quantum Physics is Non-Linear

Quantum physics is not linear, and this can be easily seen because it can describe both bigger and smaller things than what our senses indicate as real. It makes it difficult for us to understand how quantum physics works because it seems to contradict what we are accustomed to seeing in our everyday lives.

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