Living in this cyber world with security

by Krutika Lohakare
Living in this cyber world with security

Technology is at its peak these days. Technology has done wonders in our daily life and made our life too simple. For example, kids now don’t even have to leave their houses to attend their classes in their schools, rather now they just have to attend a virtual class by sitting in their home. Technology may have become more advanced, but nowadays privacy of a person is risked on an online platform. Cybercrime is increasing day by day. Many people are affected by these cyber criminals as they can easily intrude through your private files. A hacker can misuse one’s personal files. To protect your files from these cyberattacks, a person must take strict actions against these cybercriminals. Code Obfuscation is one of the ways of protecting your files from any cyberattack on your system.

What is Code Obfuscation?

Well, now people may wonder what is this code obfuscation and how can it save our data from hacking? Well, code obfuscation is the process of making or changing an executable program in such a way that it has no use for the hacker. People may wonder that if it changes the program then it may affect the data of that program, but code obfuscation does not affect the program. Rather the program will remain fully functional for the user.

Benefits of Code obfuscation

Code obfuscation is beneficial in many ways. Some of these benefits are mentioned in the points given below-

  • One of the major benefits of having code obfuscation is that it guarantees the security of your program. It is because it is too difficult for a normal hacker to hack a program. Obfuscated code is designed in such a way that a normal hacker cannot reverse it. it would even take too much time for a professional hacker to hack it. So a person can remain tension-free while using it.
  • A code obfuscation not only provides security to your program but can even optimize your program too. It means that it would delete the dead code and duplicate information in your program and would optimize it.
  • In addition to security, an obfuscated code can help you track the activities of the copies of your program or project. This means it would track the copies of your program and will inform you whenever some tries to originate any illegal copy by making changes in your program.

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So, it can be said that living in the world today without any security service like code obfuscation can make your life too risky. Your privacy is at great risk if a person is surfing the internet without any security. Every day many people are getting attacked by these cybercriminals, who easily hack the data of these people and use it illegally. These cyberattacks can be too harmful as they not only steal your data but also damages your system. Sometimes these attacks will not allow you to access your data. Therefore, a security system is a must in every system.    

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