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Patta Chitta is a modern, fast and efficient way of saving and checking online mode the land records present in Tamil Nadu state. Patta Chitta Online can be accessed at Testing and viewing land records / Patta Chitta information online is an online service Launches by the government. The Tamil Nadu government has planned many items that will improve the country’s perspective, such as Land Record Digitization.

Then you don’t want to suffer land theft at any time. And you should have the information to own this land for that. It is a property if anyone wants to make you a government land. Check out all the related and relative Patta Chitta details in this article below. Here you can find specific details about all terms and conditions of Patta Chitta, view Ec online, all legal information such as transfer of land, legal opinion on land and value of this property, etc.


What is Patta Chitta?

Patta is a land income record which is a land ownership log. The strap is being in the name of an asset’s real owner. The patta record is kept in the Taluka offices and provides details on all landholdings’ ownership.

District name, circle, and village where the land in Patta is located and patta number. The name of the proprietor of the land will be the name of his estate. Information about poison or landfill, land cover, and information about settlements will be given.

By the government the patta land is a legal verification document from the actual owners.  The patta can be collected from various district offices with various specifications from Tahsildar given below.

  • Name of the District, Taluk, and Village
  • Patta Number
  • Name of the owner
  • Survey number and subdivision
  • Is it a Wetland or a Dryland (Nanjai Nilam and Punjabi Nilam in Tamil)
  • Area of the land and Tax details

The Chitta is release by the TN government in the year 2015. The Patta and Chitta were merged with all of the related information listed in the Patta into one text. The revenue documentation of land will be maintained by the village administrative officer (VAO) and by the Taluk office.  A Chitta has the land, the field, the size is given. State info etc. etc details of the land. Most importantly, nanjai (wetland) and punjai (dry land) define the land.

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The land is therefore classified as Nanjai (wetland) and Punjai (dry land) in priority. “Nanjai” is words for the specific region or land with a region like canals, rivers, ponds, etc. and the word “Panjai” is going to be referred as an association of water bodies with in the land

  • Subject: TN Patta Chitta
  • Categories: TN Patta Chitta, Tamil Nadu Land Records, TN Patta View Status Check
  • Portal Name: Anytime / Anywhere e-Service
  • Beneficiary; Resident of Tamil Nadu
  • Process; Online
  • State: Tamil Nadu
  • Department Name: Revenue Department
  • Official Website:

How to apply for Patta Chitta online in Tamil Nadu?

The Patta Chitta process has now been made by the Tamil Nadu government following the merger of the Patta and Chitta in one.Patta Chitta records were computerized and checked online by the Tamil Nadu government. You may obtain Patta Chitta online, or by contacting the local Taluka office. The procedure for making Patta Chitta available online is as follows.

  • First, visit Tamil Nadu’s official revenue services website given here which is
  • Click on the link given on the homepage under view Patta & FMB / Citta / TSLR Extract.”
  • Select the following district form (rural/urban) on the new webpage
  • Click on “Send”
  • On the next webpage enter the following
  1. District
  2. Taluk
  3. Town
  4. Ward
  5. Block
  6. Survey number
  7. Sub-division number
  • Finally, enter the authentication value
  • Click on “submit”
  • Upon submission, you will receive an online Town Survey Land Registrar certificate with information about your house. This certificate will contain all details of locality, landform, survey number, etc.

Documents Required

If according to the official Tamil Nadu land records website, you apply for the Patta Chitta documents, the following documents are required

  • Sale Deed verification to be searched for. The original photocopy sale deed must be forwarded to the tahsildar or the office in question.
  • Proof of possession- To show that your land belongs to you you must apply an identification. The following documents can be submitted as evidence of ownership, such as the as-Paid Tax Receipt Electricity bill.
  • Certificate of Encumbrance.

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Application Fee

If you apply for the Patta document online through the official land records website in Tamilnadu State, then you must give hundreds of rupees in the fees via online mode.

Process To Verify Your Patta Certificate

  • The Patta certificate process is very simple you can below steps
  • First of all look at the process of Patta Certificate on website
  • Now select ‘Verify Patta’ on the web page.
  • Enter the ‘Reference Number’ button,
  • Then press the ‘Submit’ button.

How to Transfer Patta Chitta?

Send the application to your district or village tahsildar or the respective authorities in question.

Based on the examination of the authorities concerned, the applications will be accepted or rejected, and they have the full right to accept or reject any application.

How to check the status of Patta Chitta

Once you’ve applied for Patta Chitta transfer, you can check your application status online. Check the information on the website

  • Visit the official website of the Department.
  • You can see the “Verify Patta” option on the homepage. Select that option.
  • You’ll need to fill in the reference number and then click on send.

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How to View A-Register Extract?

To show the A-Register Extract report, you will need Survey Number and Subdivision Number to search the Extract Report of the Register. If you want to report the test extract by following the steps given below.

  • You must click on the link provided in the first step – Click Here
  • Now to select District, Taluk, Village, and enter the Survey Number, Subdivision Number, Captcha Code. After that press the Display A-Register Extract button to send.

The government of Tamil Nadu arranged an online record of the Patta Chitta. So people can get records of their property easily without any hesitation.