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If you are a high school graduate who is still wondering about the right degree to undertake in college or university studies, you have to take your time to make up your mind. The decision you take will affect if you will land a good job. No degree is useless as it opens up your mind to have a comprehensive view of the world. Education also provides a platform for you to discover and invent.

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A College degree education has some value according to the benefits you have acquired from it, such as discovering and inventing and using the knowledge that you acquire how much value the employer, society, and the peers give it. The view of getting a job based on your degree varies with the job market. Some degrees are mostly soaked for than the others, while a person with additional information would have an added advantage for employment. There are common words that are mostly searched by students concerning degree-holders, which include; 

  1. The salary and job market
  2. Their projected reduction for demand
  3. Unemployment rate
  4. The benefits of the salary for attaining a degree as compared to students with a diploma who have experience in the same job

With the assistance of College Homework Helper we have compiled the list of the most impractical degrees as cited by many sites.

Public relations and Advertising

The reason for its uselessness: the world is now full of free media. The traditional way of advertising has become difficult. Many companies are looking for alternative forms of advertising. The degree program is becoming less popular on most of the campuses.

Alternative: Polish your knowledge on various channels of online marketing and social- media.


Archeology and anthropology don’t guarantee a promising career though they may be exciting and straightforward subjects. The alternative is that you may need to have a Ph.D.  Your job market options are limited, even though you will spend a lot of time and resources achieving the highest education level.

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Mass media/ communications

Social media has killed many forms of media. Mass media has a high rate of unemployment. A degree in communication has lost value. The alternative is specializing in online media and broadcasting.

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Criminal justice

The criminal law degree has lost value since lawyers, and police officers can replace it.


Students perceive it as a low-paying job as compared to the expenses and the needs of a person. The alternative form is developing an online platform such as a YouTube channel that will make you more money.

 Civilization and ethics studies

Studying the population in-depth may not be marketable. The alternative is taking up a degree in international studies, which has better job opportunities.

Fashion design

Very few jobs require fashion designers, and there is stiff competition for these jobs unless you have some connections. The alternative is acquiring necessary skills, being creative, and developing a strong personality.

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Though the degrees stated are perceived as “useless,” this does not guarantee that the STEM students will be the only ones to be employed. Other things may determine the level of success in any niche, and they include; talent, hard work, motivation, and luck. 


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