Beginner’s Guide: 6 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Luxury Watch

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Everyone has their own ways of splurging and treating themselves. Some would invest in a house, buy a car, and some would get ahold of the trendiest luxury watch available—for all the right reasons. Contrary to popular belief, luxury watches are also an investment. It is a great status symbol that will tell people that you are successful, established, and well-respected without being too tacky. Luxury watches also last a lifetime and maintain its value that they can pass for an heirloom to your descendants. If you are considering buying a luxury watch, here are the things you should know:

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  1. Know about the different dials

Before you choose a luxury watch, it is best to also be more aware of your lifestyle. Knowing your lifestyle will give you more ideas about the style of the watch that you will use more often. You can either choose between getting an analog watch display or a digital display. The analog display is the one with the traditional clock face like those in Rolex, Hublot, or Omega. Those are the watches that have hands and numbers that encircle the watch. The digital watch, on the other hand, is the watch that immediately tells you what time it is with only numerals of the right time displaying.

  1. Check out the straps

Another thing to check out is the type of straps you are interested in. One of your options is leather straps. Most people love these traps among all. They look sexy and elegant at the same time. It makes its wearer look quite classy and adventurous at the same time. Although you might have to replace this from time to time because leather straps tend to wear out. This is especially during summers your sweat may damage your leather strap. If you are a summer type of person, maybe nylon straps are the best choice for you.

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If you’re going to use it during your office meetings, formal gatherings, and public appearances, metal straps may be your best bet. It will give you a superior and established look perfect for your business attire. People also commonly use rubber straps or resin because of their durability. It goes well in almost every attire even when you are wearing your most formal attire. 

  1. Learn about watch movements

Now, this talk is what makes watch lovers and collectors run wild. If you are going to purchase your first-ever luxury watch, you will need to at least be aware of this. The reason why luxury watches are so expensive is because of how intricate there are made. Expert watchmakers have carefully handmade these watches. These watches are wound mechanically. This means that it has cogs, springs, and gears that make your watch move. This has been the most traditional method of making a watch. The other option is automatic where the watch winds itself with a motion sensor. Another that is more mass-produced and more affordable is quartz where a battery powers it up to tell time. Accuracy-wise, it is quite reliable, too.

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  1. Know the features you want

All watches are unique in their way. What makes it stand out are the features that make one different from another. You will realize the features that you need depending on your lifestyle. Some watches have a sound alarm, some have a stopwatch which is great if you are hitting the gym. Smart digital watches are also available today where you can sync them to your computer or smartphone. There, you can access your emails, messages, and other notifications.

  1. Confirm water resistance

Water resistance does not necessarily mean waterproof. Although the basis for water-resistant watches are the laboratory-based tests that watch brands ran on them. If you want a water-resistant watch, you should get a diving watch that expert watchmakers created to cater to this adventure.

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  1. Check the certifications

Swiss-made watches have their institutionalized certification that proves the watch has passed the said institution’s standards of a superior watch. An example of this is the seal of Geneva which ensures a watch’s optimal make. Switzerland even tests the accuracy of their watches. The Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, for example, issues a certification of chronometer for the watches who pass their accuracy certification.

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Get your watch from a reliable store

Here are just some of the things you need to know when you are planning to purchase a luxury watch. The important thing is to seek a reliable store that will provide you with an authentic variety of luxury watches. This way, you can also ask them to help for the right watch for you without the fear of being ripped off. You can check out if you want lots of watch options suitable for your lifestyle. From sporty-looking watches to elegant-looking ones, they have it for you!


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