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IGRS Telangana began with the Registration and Stamp Department, Government of Telangana. IGRS is a portal of the Integrated Grievance Redressal System introduced by the state government to provide various online services for state residents.

To make use of resources on this portal the citizen must register with it. IGRS Telangana provides different procedures for recording documents online. For a long time now, you don’t need to wait outside of government buildings to receive those facilities.

What is IGRS?

IGRS Telangana is an Integrated Grievance Redressal Program introduced by the Telangana Government Registration & Stamp Department. This department has operated since 1864. The goal of this department behind the launch of IGRS is to give people a trouble-free and fast process to register their documents.

An important Telangana website is the Registration & Stamp Department (URL-registration.telangana.gov.in). IGRS Telangana Portal can be used by anyone to obtain various services such as e-Stamp services, Encumbrance certificates, registration of properties, registration of land, registration of companies, registration of companies, registration of marriages, etc.

As such a website evolves, the resident will be able to obtain sufficient types of documents without leaving their homes. As we all know, sometimes we can not go to some government offices to carry out those procedures. In those days, the Telangana portal ‘s Integrated Grievance Redress Mechanism would benefit all people by innovating services when they are sitting at the houses.

Candidates who are seeking to register or buy an estate must first of all look for the Encumbrance Certificate to learn the property or house history. You can also register your marriage and get your certificate, as well as registration, from this IGRS site.

Details of IGRS Telangana Portal

  • Name Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS)
  • Beneficiaries Residents Of Telangana state
  • Launched by Telangana Government
  • Objective Registration & Stamping
  • Official website https://registration.telangana.gov.in

List of Services Available on the IGRS Portal

  • Property Registration
  • Market Value Search
  • Prohibited Property
  • Certified Copy
  • Encumbrance Search(EC)
  • Marriage Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Firm Registration
  • Information on Chit Fund
  • Stamp Vendors / Notaries / Franking services
  • Dashboards
  • Know Your SRO
  • Department Users

How to Register on IGRS Telangana?

  • Visit the Registration & Stamp Department, Government of Telangana’s official website. Click “The New Users? Document “choice.
  • You will be redirected to the Signup page. Here’s the direct connection to the IGRS Telangana registration page
  • Enter the application form with all the necessary information.
  • Click the button to Sign.
  • On the mobile number entered in the form, you will receive an OTP, as well as the email I d specified in the form.
  • Enter the code, and press the option Verify.
  • You are listed on IGRS Telangana after a check.

How to Search IGRS Telangana EC?

Telangana Encumberence certification is an essential document for the purchase and selling of real estate. IGRC EC can be downloaded online to everyone.

  • Visit Official website of Telangana Registration and Stamps
  • Browse the IGRS EC choice located at the bottom of the page.
  • EEncumbrance Disclaimer page opens.
  • Press the ‘submit’ button.
  • Options are opened on the ‘Search For Encumbrance’ page.
  • Select document no and give the property’s document number, besides giving the property’s year of registration.
  • Give the first few letters of SRO Name / Code in the option Registered at SRO.
  • Now press the button Send.

How to check SRO?

The Sub-Registrar Office (SRO) is an important part of the Registration & Stamp Department as it is responsible for managing all data relevant to registration. If an individual in Telangana is unaware of the SRO falling within his jurisdiction then he can take advantage of the portal of IGRS.

How to search SRO of your area through Telangana IGRS Portal?

  • Visit the official Telangana IGRS web site
  • Now consider “Know Your SRO” connection
  • A new page appears on the computer screen after that, displaying the links “Know Your Jurisdiction SRO” & “Village Directory.”
  • Click on the first link i.e. Know Your Authority SRO.
  • A fresh page is opened yet again. Now pick the name of the district, the name of the Mandal, and the name of the village from the drop-down options on IGRS Telangana Portal.
  • On the new page, you can see SRO Name, SRO Code, and address of your SRO.

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IGRS Telangana Android App

Telangana Department of Registration and Stamps has also an android program. To open the Telangana IGRS app, people don’t have to open a desktop or laptop, they can do it on their mobile phones. To do this, they must download an Android application on their mobile phones, and they can use it after downloading whenever they need it.

  • Check the smartphone’s internet connection in on/off mode. Please switch to the mode when it is off track.
  • Go to Google Play Store now and find the Telangana IGRS download.
  • The app will come in the first place.
  • Tap the download now, and click the Download button.
  • The IGRS EC app is available for download on your mobile.
  • Open it and search the services the Registration and Stamps department offers in Telangana.

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Advantages of IGRS Telangana

  • IGRS Telangana is a good example of using IT to facilitate good governance in the state.
  • IGRS facilitates transparency and thus helps reduce corruption and fraud.
  • Citizens can use this online platform to redress their complaints and grievances.
  • For various issues, people do not have to visit the respective department, as these tasks can be resolved via the IGRS Telangana portal.
  • It saves time and has cut down on manual labor as well.

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IGRS Telangana Contact details 

You can contact toll-free number or via email address if you have any doubts and want to give feedback about this portal.

Integrated Grievance Redressal Program allows for the online registration of various record registration processes. A person who wants to get any government document doesn’t need to visit government offices to get those services. Therefore you can visit the IGRS Telangana website to know the details.