The Preparation Experience of The PMP Examination

Juliet D'cruz

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Yes, finally, I have earned the PMP certification. It is also a full stop for my PMP learning journey. But it does not mean the ending. However, it means the beginning of the next journey.

The following simple description is my journey of the PMP. I began to sign up this examination in August, 2020. And I set foot on the way without stooping and returning. I am so determined get the certificate. Till the end of examination on December 5, 2020, I finally make myself calm down. Although there were four months, as the personnel of the workplace, I did not own much time. So how to study efficiently in a limited time is very important.

Next, I would like to briefly share my personal experience of PMP study and preparing for the exam.

Roughly my personal experience can be divided into nine parts. They are scanning, watching, practicing, reviewing, practicing again, reviewing again, organizing, relaxing.

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1Scanning: It refers to watching the video roughing. Because the teachers of the SPOTO give me a very detailed lesson in order to make most of the students keep up with the lesson knowledge. Also they explain the questions is relatively in detail. As for me, this process is a little slow. So I completed the whole course at 1.5 times of the speed of the first video learning. Give myself a general idea of the PMP.

2Watching: After watching the first time of the video and having a general understanding of PMP, I watch the video in detail, focusing on my poor understanding of some specific knowledge, and also arranged and summarized the knowledge points in the video by the way.

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3Practicing: On the basis of watching the video, finish a daily exercise every day to increase the understanding of knowledge point. At the same time you can watch the knowledge interpretation of the teachers of the SPOTO. You can also read the PMBOK if you need it. Because I don’t have too much time, so PMBOK serves as a dictionary access to the knowledge points at most.

4Reviewing: After mastering the knowledge points, the next step is to understand the knowledge points. The effect of the rote memorization is very poor. And you must integrate these knowledge points, because each module is closely linked with a mutual fusion. There is no absolute dividing line, so we must understand the difficult points and make the necessary key notes.

5Practicing again: Review the key points of the video frequently. Go over them in a quiet environment as if you were watching a movie. Deploy the forgetting part and take the key notes.

6Practicing again: At the literal meaning, it requires you to finish the exercise. Besides doing the daily exercise every day, you need to start to do simulation exercise according to the teacher’s advice. Generally twice a week, the teacher will explain the question points next Monday. So to be sure to finish them in your spare time. The condition is the best that you can use four hours to complete them directly. It will make you form a good habit to adapt the long testing hours of the examination. I generally complete one simulation exercise in the fixed time and finish the other one in my spare time.

7Reviewing again: Finished the simulation examinations must be reviewed. Only finishing the simulation examinations without reviewing is not useful. And the effect is not efficient. The incorrect question is still wrong. So we must review the incorrect questions. Most of the answers of the simulation examination are very detailed. Learning about the analysis of the simulation examination will increase the familiarity of this knowledge.

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8Organizing: After finishing the simulation examination and reviewing the incorrect questions, you need to organize the knowledge again to achieve a thorough understanding.

9Relaxing: At the last period, one or two days before the examination, you need to calm down. Don’t finish a lot of questions. At this time, you need to loosen body and mind. Then it is important to read the improving tips. Through the exam in December, I have found a lot of knowledge points and even the real examination questions are written down in these tips. So it is best to focus them! !