Everyday things to do to keep your partner happy 

Juliet D'cruz

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The journey to a happy and love-filled life begins with being with the people you love and adore. And married couples are the people who fall in this lucky category of humans who love each other and get to stay together too. This itself is a celebratory thing if you think about it but our busy lives give us little time to experience and enjoy that every day. Although we have aimed to bring the spark back which hasn’t gone very far but has certainly buried somewhere in the work from home culture and the pile of gadgets. To begin with, it is important to scale-out things in the year to know when it will be too long before you do something special. For instance, beginning the year with valentine’s day and gifting each other the best sounds great but then comes anniversaries with anniversary gifts a bunch of months later and you are always on step one of pleasing your partner because it’s been so long since you looked at each other well. 

So from now on, you have a chance at winning your person’s heart every day by doing the minimum with this. 

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  • Weekly romantic dinner

Plan to keep a day in the week that is only for you two where you talk strictly only about life without engaging in conversations about work and problems that you have outside your relationship with other people. It is a day for you and has to be celebrated that way. Order or cook food together, and have an enjoyable memorable time till the same day comes in the next week again. 

  • Flowers and cakes 

Gift your husband or wife flowers and cakes more than they can imagine something coming their way. It is a fruitful gesture and neither of the two things ever go to waste. Even if you bring a rose while coming back from the office for your wife she will know to give this love back a lot stronger. And cakes are an always delivered thing not to be restricted to big days too. 

  • Love notes 

Give your partner’s little notes written on paper without any big decoration but just a piece of your heart. It could be a compliment or a demand, a suggestion or a discussion of the weather. And you two can save it and make a book of memories later. Of course, this will be the cutest thing around to do and you will fall in love with each other further. 

  • Tokens of love 

Tokens of love could be anything from hugs, kisses to little flower petals. There’s always something that marks your love too well and this is what you need. It helps your partner know that you have done your utmost today by giving you that one thing that is the most important to them. And it can also be sweet, it just has to be meaningful. 

  • Sharing stories 

Making memories together by being a part of each other through knowing what is happening in their life not only gives you something to talk about but adds a beautiful spark to your life as well. You can talk about work or something that happened with your partner on their way back home. Remember keeping secrets is the last thing you want to do because there’s nothing worse than when that bubble bursts. 

  • Find common passion 

Find things that you both like and practice them. If you can’t find that one thing that you both like too much you can both find a new thing to begin your journey with. Especially during this time when you are sitting at home and have lesser things to do you can join online classes or workshops of things like dancing, singing, aerobics, painting, gym, fighting and much more. Seeing your partner you will get the want to be better at it every day. 

  • Crack jokes 

Happy is the couple that cracks lame jokes and laughs inevitably about it. Not having the stress to be the best in front of your partner is what keeps the love going. You can even google these jokes and crack them in front of your partner. Pretty soon it will turn into a war and you will both be experts of jokes only you understand. At times that you will fight it will be the memory of these moments that will bring you back to the way you were. 

Knowing that your partner is the most important person in your life and to keep them happy is not only your obligation but a dire want that should come from within. To never let the spark melt, what’s most helpful is to do things that come naturally, don’t require a tiresome approach and don’t cost you anything more than your love, time and sincere efforts. 

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