What Are the Real Benefits of Elevator Shoes

Juliet D'cruz

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Believe it or not, a man’s respect is often tied to his height. Shorter men tend to be taken less seriously and are often passed over by potential dates. Elevator shoes can help men avoid this issue. Elevator shoes come in many styles and sizes, so if you need to add a little height, you do not have to don hideous orthopedic-style shoes. 

What Are Elevator Shoes? 

Elevator shoes are like high heels for men. They are a little elevated and make men appear taller. These shoes have historically been unfashionable and obviously used to increase a man’s height. However, these days, elevator shoes may be just as fashionable as the rest of the shoes in your closet. 

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How Are They Designed? 

Elevator shoes look like other shoes. They have the sole, which can sometimes offer a little extra height, but that is usually more indicative of a platform shoe. The midsole looks like the midsole of any other shoe. The insole is where the added height is located. It is usually slightly stacked in the back of the shoe. Then the upper is designed like any other shoe. The lift in the sole is slight, but it is just enough to improve your confidence. 

You are probably wondering if there is really any benefit to wearing guidomaggi elevator shoes? Obviously, they will not make a Five-foot-tall man look like a six-foot-tall man, but they can add a little extra height to someone on the short end of average. Here are a few ways that extra height might help. 

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First Impressions

You may have heard the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Taller men are considered more assertive, confident, and handsome. Consider the “perfect man” trope—tall, dark, and handsome. Most women or men do not prefer a man who is short or petite. Making a first impression can get men more dates and can sometimes help with employment prospects. This preference is not often a conscious choice of employers. Sometimes they just feel that the taller candidate looks older, wiser, and more confident. Short people are often mistaken for younger people. 

Improved Posture

Even for taller people, guidomaggi elevator shoes can help improve posture. We tend to stand straighter in higher shoes and square our shoulders more. This is true for men and women. Improved posture can be related to fewer aches and pains. Of course, too high of a heel can result in uncomfortable shoes. However, if you are having issues with your feet because of using low-quality shoes, you can visit a good podiatrist Townsville for help.

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More Comfortable Eye Contact

When we can look others in the eye, it makes us look more honest, and we feel more confident. Giving yourself a little extra height can help you to look others in the eye without looking up at your partner in conversation.