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It’s hard to find a specific tool that can convert and alter documents without hassle, and for free. PDFBear has everything that a file needs. It’s a reliable and efficient tool that can transform documents into different types of file formats in just a few clicks! If you need to match a particular file specification, PDFBear is always on the go.

Exclusive Tools For Converting Files

PDF files are as essential as any other type of document as it’s more straightforward to read, scan, and print-out of it. However, converting them is another common struggle. PDFBear offers excellent tools and features that users can work with. It converts PDF to HTML, Excel, PPT, HTML, JPG, and the most favored, the Word to PDF tool.

Moreover, individuals can also use Splitting, Compressing, Repairing damaged documents, delete a particular page in a PDF, Secure a password, Unlock protected files, Merging, and many more. It’s the ultimate tool that has everything document-related needs. There is no need to find another converter as it has everything at hand.

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Almost everything of these tools and features has the same concept of the conversion process. There are only four simple steps to follow. The first step is to choose the converter tool you want on PDFBear’s website. Then select the file that needs to be converted from the device and upload it into the toolbox.

After uploading, PDFBear will immediately start the conversion process, and please wait for a moment before saving the document into the device. Users don’t have to wait for too long as this specific converter works quickly but accurately. PDFBear has excellent features that can help its users save time for their workloads. Here are the top three of the most popular tools.

  1. Convert Word to PDF

A Document file is not an uncommon file format among students and working professionals. It’s the typical file where they often use to compose and write important and significant letters, research, projects, articles, and many more. And converting is one of the essential factors when handling documents.

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However, converting it into a PDF file is convenient as it’s easier to read, analyze, scan, and make a printout of it. Using the Word to PDF tool is achievable with PDFBear. Upload the selected file into the toolbox. Users have the choice to use the “Drag and drop” technique for a more straightforward method. For printing, you can use the high-quality ink from Sell Toner.

PDFBear will instantly begin converting the document into your preferred file format. And finally, the newly converted file is now ready to be saved and downloaded. This web-based converter tool also has an easy share access feature wherein users can easily share and send their work to their friends or colleagues.

There are two available options. If via the link is only valid for 24 hours, copy and paste the shareable link into the chosen internet platform. If through an email, select the Email option and type the receiver’s email address into the first tab and the sender’s in the second tab. Then press send.

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  1. Repair Damaged Documents

If there is one thing that many people tend to experience with operating documents, it’s having broken or corrupted files. Corrupted documents are often caused by system errors, viruses, malware, overwriting with inoperative codes, and many more.

Using the Repair tool of PDFBear will undoubtedly save your time by not making a new file and trying to type everything repeatedly. Select and upload the corrupted document into the designated toolbox, and the tool will instantly analyze the form. Some too corrupted files may not be recoverable, but PDFBear will not make it any worse.

Then, click “Repair” and wait for the process to finish before you can start saving the file and sending it to colleagues. Fixing a file is one of the most popular tools of PDFBear; whether it’s broken or corrupted, the Repair tool kit will strive to retrieve the file to a workable state possible.

  1. Securing A Document

Last on the list is the Protect PDF tool. This is where users can secure their documents to make them more protected and personal. Most people set a password on their papers when it needs extra guard, like having confidential and sensitive information and data.

However, if you’re confident that your documents don’t have these qualities then, you don’t need to put one. This will also save your time not typing the password again and again whenever you want to open or use it. But if you’re in a state that needs to have one, then PDFBear is always on your service.

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PDFBear can provide everything that is document-related. You don’t have to stress yourself trying to find the best tool on the web as it has excellent tools and features for free, not only that it’s free but safe to use.