Top 10 Uses Of Plane Mirror

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Top 12 Uses Of Plane Mirror

Today we will see about the uses of plane mirror in this article. Let us discuss plane mirror uses in several things. I will describe to you the different conditions where a plane mirror can be used. You will come to know about the important things about the plane mirror while reading. The data such as the plane mirror definition, its different use, examples, etc will be discussed. You would like to know the basic uses of the plane mirror and how are they useful. Let us see what uses of plane mirror are there in the following.

List Of Top 10 Uses Of Plane Mirror

Here we have listed the uses of plane mirror in our daily life that you should know. So let us read them before going into detail.

  1. Automobiles
  2. Torch Lights
  3. Solar Cooker
  4. Security
  5. Periscopes
  6. Kaleidoscopes
  7. Shaving Mirrors
  8. In Dentistry
  9. Scientific instruments
  10. In SLR Cameras

Best 10 Uses Of Plane Mirror

Here we have mentioned the above 10 uses of the plane mirror in detail. Please read them carefully so you will understand them properly.

  1. Automobiles


The plane mirrors are seen in headlights that are used by vehicles to reflect strong parallel beams of light. Convex mirrors are most often used in cars as rearview mirrors because they have an upright vision and a larger field of view. This is all possible due to their outward curve. The plane mirrors are used in automobiles as they polarize the light. They help you more and more to focus and pass the light to the vehicles. The plane mirror is used for producing the virtual image that is not the real image.

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  1. Torch Lights

Torch Lights

To display light rays, plane mirrors are used in torch lights and flashlights, This is used in overhead projectors for the same purpose. These applications of plane mirrors in torch lights are useful for looking at night and in dark areas. The plane mirror help to scatter the light more and helps us to view a wide area at the time of night. The light gets projected with the help of plane mirrors.

  1. Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker

A plane mirror in a solar cooker reflects the bulk of the sunlight that falls on it. Solar cookers are the most effective way to cook using solar energy. This will help you to get the solar energy absorbed from the sun rays fastly as compared to the other mirrors. It traps more and more of the sun’s heat rays which help in heating the food object. The rays of the sun are absorbed within the cooker box after passing through the glass sheet cover.

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  1. Security Purposes

Security Purposes

Mirrors can also be used in the shops and buildings. The plane mirrors help you in detecting the areas under the vehicles and underneath them. The mirrors reflect the areas and help to easily access the areas under the areas and also to view the corners. They are used in the turning areas and corners to view the other sides of the roads and ways. Mirrors are used in stores for security because they expand the mirrored field of view, allowing clerks to see a wide portion of the store. The reflections are smaller than the objects, but the mirrors allow for a more expansive view.

  1. Periscopes


The periscopes are having plane mirrors that are used in submarines and ships. This helps in viewing the outer sides of the submarines and the water. You will come to know how the plane mirrors help in detecting the images of the ship. The floating objects, things, ships on the surface of the sea can be viewed with the help of the periscopes. With it, we can see things on the other side of a high wall that we cannot see directly. To see over the top of objects this uses two plane mirrors. It operates by transmitting light from two parallel plane mirrors.

  1. Kaleidoscopes


The children love to watch through the Kaleidoscope for seeing the colorful reflections of the different patterns. The Kaleidoscope consist of the plane mirrors in them so that to view the different designs and images from it. This works by reflecting light that comes into contact with a reflective surface, such as a mirror. It consists of two or more mirrors positioned at an angle to each other.

  1. Shaving Mirrors

Shaving Mirrors

Shaving mirrors are the uses of plane mirror in daily life. We use the mirrors after getting a shower, for cleaning our teeth, putting on lipstick, and so on. It would be very difficult to carry out these tasks without it. Concave mirrors can also be used as shaving mirrors to see a larger view of the face. You get assistance with the help of the plane mirrors and can carry them in small sizes with you in purses. They are thin and slim and easily fit inside wallets and purses. You can quickly see your view with it.

  1. In Dentistry

In Dentistry

Dentists use mirrors to see details of teeth before doing some tests. It is often used in microscopes to represent the background of the object being observed. The dentist does the uses of plane mirror in points of the teeth where he can not view easily. Mirrors are used for assisting the dentist to check the areas of the oral cavity and teeth. They are part of the dental tool kit and have a variety of applications ranging from focusing light to retraction of tissues. It is required to reflect light onto surfaces in areas of the mouth that are difficult to view.

  1. Scientific instruments

Scientific instruments

There are many scientific instruments that you will see have plane mirrors in them. The mirrors are either used individually or used in a combination of the sets. The mirrors play an important role while performing tests, viewing the objects, etc in the scientific uses. For example microscope, colorimeter, etc have plane mirrors in them. You would like to know the uses of a plane mirrors in physics is done where mirrors and prisms are involved.

  1. In SLR Cameras

In SLR Cameras

The SLR cameras have a plane mirror which helps in capturing the photos and images. The mirror enters the horizontal position, and exposure is created by shooting a focal plane shutter directly in front of the film. Distances are arranged so that the lens, mirror, and focusing screen equally the camera distance and that everything that appears on the focusing screen is accurately centered. So these were all, now let us see more about the plane mirror below. The single-lens reflex camera uses the prism and mirror system to take the pictures.

Uses Of Plane Mirror In Microscope

The main uses of a plane mirror in the microscope in the following.

  • The light is directed at the specimen.
  • The mirror reflects the light on the condenser
  • With its help, the adjustment of the light is done.

Uses Of Plane Mirror In Kaleidoscope

The primary use of the plane mirror in Kaleidoscope is as follows.

  • To show the colorful patterns and designs.
  • The mirror is placed in an inclined position to view different patterns.
  • As a long and thin glass is required hence plane mirror is perfect for Kaleidoscope.

Uses of Concave and Convex Mirror

Below are some uses of Concave and convex mirror

Uses Of Concave Mirror

  • They are used in the manufacturing of shaving mirrors.
  • It is found in solar furnaces.
  • Mirrors are found in telescopes for astronomical purposes.
  • They are used in car headlights.
  • You may use them as face mirrors.
  • They can be used to make an ophthalmoscope.

Uses Of Convex Mirror

  • It is used in the manufacturing of sunglasses.
  • They are used in your vehicle’s mirrors.
  • It is used inside parking lots and buildings.
  • They are employed for defense purposes.
  • Mirrors are used to make magnifying glasses.
  • They are used as reflectors for street lights.

Examples Of Plane Mirror

There are some of the plane mirror examples given in the following.

  • Automobiles
  • Torch Lights
  • Solar Cooker
  • Security Reasons
  • Periscopes
  • Kaleidoscopes
  • Shaving Mirrors
  • Dentistry Mirrors
  • Microscopes
  • SLR Cameras

Characteristics Of A Plane Mirror

There are some of the characteristics of the plane mirror given below. Let us read these peculiarities of plane mirror to understand them. You will be able to write any four uses of a plane mirror by reading these characteristics.

  • They form virtual images.
  • The upright image is formed.
  • The images can be left-right reversed.
  • It shows the same distance from the mirror as the distance of the object.
  • The object is viewed of the same size in the plane mirror.

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What Are The Five Uses Of Plane Mirror?

Here are the five uses of a plane mirror.

  1. Automobiles
  2. Torch Lights
  3. Solar Cooker
  4. Security Reasons
  5. Periscopes and Microscopes

What Are The 4 Uses Of Plane Mirror?

Below we have mentioned the 4 uses of a plane mirror.

  1. Kaleidoscopes
  2. Shaving Mirrors
  3. In Dentistry
  4. In SLR Cameras

What Is The Use Of A Plane Mirror In The Microscope?

The mirror is mounted on the microscope base that directs light onto the specimen and into the microscope optics. The uses of mirrors are to place on swiveling support and that helps in modifying the reflection of the natural or artificial light in the desired direction. The mirror focuses light from the source to the microscopic region. The mirror has two faces, one of which is a plane or flat surface that is used in combination with the substage condenser. The other surface is concave and is used in the absence of the condenser.

Which Mirror Is Used In Microscope?

Optical microscopes make extensive use of planar mirrors, both for directing the illumination beam through the optical pathway and onto the specimen, and to project images into the eyepieces or an image sensor.

Which Mirror Is Used In Solar Furnace?

The solar furnace is placed at the focus of a large concave reflector. When parallel rays of light from the sun fall on the surface of the concave mirror, rays gets reflected and meet at the focus of the mirror due to the converging nature of concave mirror. Thus, the furnace kept at the focus becomes very hot.

Are Plane Mirrors Used In Cars?

Therefore, a convex mirror is used instead of a plane mirror in the side view of a car because the image formed by a convex mirror is smaller and closer to that formed by a plane mirror.

Which Mirror Is Used In Camera?

Convex lens are used in photographic camera so that real image formed can be taken on screen as concave mirror does not form real image.

Do Dentists Use Plane Mirrors?

Dentists use concave mirrors to see teeth and other areas in the mouth. This is because a concave mirror forms a virtual, erect and enlarged image when the object is placed within focus.

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Here we described to you the uses of plane mirror for daily purposes. You read about the common user requirements of a plane mirror as well as its commercial uses. Here we studied the several important points of the plane mirror. It will help you to clear your doubts related to the plane mirror and its uses. After reading the information which I described above helped you to know how important is plane mirror to you in daily life. So you read the data that included uses of plane mirror which was useful and will help you in further.