Cedar Rapids car accident: Answering 5 key questions

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Cedar Rapids car accident: Answering 5 key questions

Following an auto accident in Cedar Rapids, you may have many questions on your mind. The immediate shock and impact of the crash may overwhelm you, and it can be hard to think straight. If you are unaware of your rights or need help with the basic aspects of filing a third-party claim, consider talking to a Cedar Rapids car accident lawyer. In this post, we are sharing answers to five key questions. 

What to do after a car accident in Cedar Rapids?

You need to follow five basic steps

  • Call 911 for medical assistance
  • Call the local police
  • Exchange insurance and contact info with other drivers involved
  • Get details of witnesses
  • Inform your insurer

How long do you have to file an injury lawsuit?

In Iowa, you have a deadline of two years to file a car accident injury lawsuit. The statute of limitations has set a deadline of five years for lawsuits that involve property damage only. For wrongful death claims, you have a window of two years. 

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What if you were partly at fault for the crash?

Iowa is a modified comparative fault state. In other words, you can only sue the other at-fault party if your share in the blame is less than theirs. Also, your fault share will determine the eventual compensation you get. For example, if you are 20% at fault and received a settlement of $100,000, you will only get $80,000 as the final compensation. 

When do you need a car accident lawyer?

There are circumstances when hiring a car accident lawyer is absolutely necessary. If your injuries are minor, or you are happy with the insurance offer, you can deal with things without legal help. Get an attorney if – 

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  • You were partly to blame for the car accident
  • There were many parties or vehicles involved
  • There is no immediate clarity on the fault
  • The insurance offer is too low
  • You suffered serious or catastrophic injuries

How much do car accident lawyers charge?

Personal injury lawyers in Cedar Rapids and the rest of Iowa work on a contingency fee. They only get a fee when the client makes a financial recovery from the insurance company or the other party. The standard fee range of car accident lawyers is between 20% and 40%. 

If you are hiring an attorney for your case, make sure that they have trial experience. A skilled car accident attorney will always share details of their top cases.