Hunting for personal injury lawyers in Vermont? Check these pointers

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Hunting for personal injury lawyers in Vermont

Medical malpractice, on-road mishaps because of driver’s fault, slip & fall accidents, nursing home abuse, dog bites – These are some representative examples of personal injury lawsuits in Vermont. If you have sustained injuries, losses, or property damage due to someone’s fault, you could file a lawsuit and seek a settlement. No matter the circumstances, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer in Vermont to protect and defend your rights. We have enlisted a few pointers below for finding the right one. 

Ask questions

Most injury lawyers and law firms in the state will be happy to offer a free assessment of your claim. It often happens that people assume that they have a claim when they clearly don’t have the evidence. Let an attorney evaluate the case, and this is also your window for asking questions. Ask questions like – 

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  1. Are you locally based in Vermont?
  2. As an injury lawyer, what kind of cases do you typically take?
  3. Have you worked for clients who had similar cases?
  4. If yes, what were the outcomes?
  5. Who will work on my case? Are you personally available right now?
  6. What can impact my case?
  7. What are the expected or predictable outcomes?
  8. Do you work on a contingency fee? How much will it cost to hire you?
  9. What can you tell me about your best cases?

An attorney with years of experience will always share details of their work, especially some of their landmark settlements. Don’t shy away from prodding further, if needed, to know more. 

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Check reviews

Reviews are really useful for comparing local injury lawyers. While law firms are quick to share references, online reviews can help evaluate options. When are you most likely to write a review about an attorney? Typically, you would do so when you are super happy with the outcome, or when the attorney hasn’t done a good job. Reviews tend to be on the extreme side, but if an injury lawyer has too many bad reviews, it is clearly an indicator of their work. 

Ask about fee

All injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, which is based on the outcome of the case. If you win a financial settlement, the lawyer will charge a part of it – usually between 30% and 40%. Ask the attorney about the expenses and costs related to the legal battle in advance, along with their fee. 

You can check and shortlist lawyers on websites like Nolo and Justia.