What To Do if a Drunk Driver Hits You?

Juliet D'cruz

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What To Do if a Drunk Driver Hits You

Many people have faced accidents or mishaps due to drunk drivers on the road. Drunk driving has claimed many innocent lives. Often, the victim might be overwhelmed with the situation. However, if you have been a victim of a hit-and-run case, you should immediately seek support from a Houston car accident attorney

A drunk driving case involves taking care of many things, but the most crucial one is ensuring your situation. The steps you take after getting into an accident due to someone else’s fault will affect the outcome of your compensation amount. Since drunk driving falls under negligence, you are eligible to get compensation for your losses. 

Steps to take after getting hit by a drunk driver. 

  • Evaluating the scenario 

The foremost thing a victim should do is contact the police and seek medical help. It could be done within minutes by calling 911 or informing the local authorities. Until the police and medical help arrives, the victim should remain calm and stay in one place. Going around for any reason might be harmful if the victim suffers from any injuries. 

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If possible, the name or the car plate should be noted. The number plates of the car could be most important for the case. And if the victim suspects the driver being intoxicated or drunk, they should inform the police. 

  • Informing Officers 

Once the victim is stable and okay to talk about the situation for legal proceedings, they should talk about everything that occurred in the accident with the local police officers. It would help the victim build a case against the person responsible for it. If the officers are completely known to all the details like the address of the accident, time, and the car plates, they would be able to generate any camera footage of the incident. 

  • Consulting legal professional

After the victim has brought the police officers up to speed about the accident, they should seek legal help. An attorney in Houston would provide complete assistance and guidance during the case. An attorney could give a lot of support by obtaining evidence for the victim’s claim and dealing with any legal proceedings. 

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Additionally, the attorney can also help file a claim with the insurance company and relieve the headache of dealing with the insurance company. 

  • Medical Care

The victim should continue follow-ups with the medical institutes to ensure they are completely healthy and sound. Consulting the doctor after the accident will be in the victim’s best interest, given they might have suffered from injuries. 

Please do not neglect to follow up with the doctor until they say everything is okay. Failing to do so could lead one to more suffering.