Best Video Editors for PC

Juliet D'cruz

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Videos have a great impact on our everyday lives in this technological era. From marketers to teachers, everyone is using videos to their advantage. Studies have shown that videos will make up more than 80% of traffic on the internet. Videos can help any business attract a substantive audience. 

A lot goes into the making of professional videos that we see on the internet. The first step is to shoot and record videos that are to be shared on the internet. The next important process is video editing. Video editing gives a nice finishing touch to professional videos and makes them more appealing. Due to the high demand for videos, there are numerous video platforms in the market that help anyone create videos and add finishing touches to the video. In this article, we discuss some of the top video editors for PC users in 2021.

  • InVideo

InVideo is a popular online video editor that is used by more than 800,000 people around the world. InVideo offers more than 4,000 premade templates that can be used to create engaging videos from scratch. You can find templates related to any category and every industry. The premade templates on InVideo help video professionals spend less time on video editing. With InVideo, you can easily convert text to videos. InVideo will automatically select images according to your text.

Another great feature of InVideo is that it offers a vast media library that allows you to choose from a wide range of stock images to include in your professional videos. You can also include license-free music in your videos with InVideo to avoid any legal copyright hassles. InVideo also offers numerous advanced editing features like video looping, video stabilization, rapid creation, and labeling. It also features the world’s first intelligent video assistant (IVA) to recommend corrections on the fly. The AI checks for text alignment, colors, animation speed, and other parameters to recommend suggestions for things you might’ve missed.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

If you have watched the Deadpool movie featuring Ryan Reynolds, you will be surprised to learn that the movie was created with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro. Many gamers also rate Adobe Premiere Pro highly for editing gaming videos. With this software, you can easily add effects, filters, transitions, and header sequences to your videos. However, Adobe Premiere Pro has a concave learning curve, and it can be difficult to use for beginners. However, once you have mastered the editing options, it is easy to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid online video editor designed for use on Windows devices. It also offers a 7-day free trial to get familiar with the editing options. This is a useful option for beginners since it may take more time to edit a video with Adobe Premiere Pro due to its advanced features. Also, the system requirements are complex for installing Adobe Premiere Pro. Therefore, you should use Adobe Premiere Pro only if you are a video expert. 

  • Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is cloud-based video editing software for Mac and Windows that comes with a free and a paid version.  The free version of Corel VideoStudio can only be used for 30 days, after which you can avail of the advanced features after paying the premium. The most important feature of Corel VideoStudio is that it allows direct rendering of video cards. From screen recorder to slide shows, it will offer you numerous options for making a professional video. It also offers intelligent video editing options that can induce automation in the video editing process. Many video editing professionals also prefer Corel VideoStudio as it offers animation tools.

From video masking to audio mixing, Corel VideoStudio can help you with different aspects of video editing. Besides offering HD and 4K video editing tools, it can also help you edit 360-degree videos. It features an intuitive interface that helps beginners learn more about video editing.

  • Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a popular, easy-to-use online video editor. Many video editors prefer Wondershare Filmora as it has minimal system requirements. It is available for both Windows and Mac devices and is compatible with most mobile devices. You can add numerous overlays, transitions, and filters to your videos with Wondershare Filmora. It allows users to customize their interface with their favorite editing options. Advanced editing options like motion tracking and speed adjustment are also available on this software.

There are more than 170 royalty-free music tracks on Wondershare Filmora that can be used for making videos. It also offers an audio mixer feature to customize each music track based on your preference. Video experts that want to add a voiceover to their videos can do so using Wondershare Filmora. The basic package of Wondershare Filmora will cost you around USD 79.99.

  • Pinnacle Studio 

Pinnacle Studio allows users to combine, trim, and edit multimedia files easily. You can edit videos and images in real-time with Pinnacle Studio. It allows you to edit HD, 4K, and 360-degree videos easily. Apart from having an easy-to-use UI, Pinnacle Studio also gives you useful tips on various editing processes. You can also install third-party editing effects and transitions with Pinnacle Studio. The Ultimate version of Pinnacle Studio allows multi-camera editing up to 6 cameras. 

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The Ultimate version of Pinnacle Studio offers many advanced editing features. Some of the advanced editing features are alpha channel, 360-degree editing, video masking, smart object tracking, and motion tracking. The Ultimate version of Pinnacle Studio will cost you USD 129.95 while the Plus version will cost USD 99.95. It also offers a Standard version that will cost you USD 59.95. 

  • Nero Video 

Nero Video offers numerous video effects and is compatible with different file formats. It also supports 4k video content that is a hit with video editors. However, it cannot edit 3D or 360-degree videos. Another drawback is that you cannot export videos directly to any social media site with Nero Video.

If you are a beginner at video editing, you can use Nero Video for your basic editing needs. Small businesses and start-ups can also use Nero Video as it is an affordable video editor. The starting price of Nero Video is around USD 37.95. It has minimum device requirements and is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. 

  • Lightworks 

With an intuitive UI, Lightworks has become the first choice of many video editors. Its drag-and-drop interface helps decrease the time required in video editing. If you have to add multiple editing effects to your videos, the video routing feature of Lightworks will help you. 

Moreover, you can export your edited videos with Lightworks directly to your YouTube channel. This cloud-based editing platform is also compatible with mobile devices and offers valuable integrations with third-party platforms to make video editing easy. 


Videos are a great way of conveying any story or information. With an effective video editor, you can add a professional touch to your video content. Start using any of these video editors for making quality videos in 2021!