How to Create a Photo Card

Juliet D'cruz

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There is no better feeling than sending personalized cards to your family. Photo cards are perfect for all seasons, and it is easy to make them. It is advisable to make these cards with your family to make the experience more interesting.

Below we discuss how to make the best holiday photo cards.

  1.     Upload Your Best Photographs

The most interesting part of making a photo card is choosing your best photographs. This is the ideal time to relive your best moments. Here, you can share as many photos as you want, but the recommended limit is four.

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It will help to have a theme in mind before you choose the photos and their orientation. It is also advisable to use the recommended specifications to get the best results.

  1.     Use a Card Theme

An excellent photo card entails inspired designs that show your personality. It would help if you first chose the card category you want before you use a theme. It is advisable first to go through all the themes provided before you settle for one.

Your preference is a good first step when making a photo card. You can then choose your preferred layout afterward. You will easily select a design by deciding the number of photographs you want on your card.

  1.     Personalize the Card

There are several trim options at your disposal. Some include bracket or rounded cards. Your card will look more appealing to the recipient if you have heartfelt greetings. Here, you can use a one-liner to make a statement or include a recent history.

After you complete your layout, you can include other personal details on the card. These memories will stand out more if you use glitter.

  1.     Order the Cards

This is the last stage of making a photo card. You should decide the number of envelopes you need. However, this depends on the number of people you wish to send the cards to.

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 It is advisable to order envelopes to save on time.

Types of Photo Cards

Greeting cards are printed as flat or folded photos. You should first choose an orientation to create a photo card with ease. Below are some top examples of photo cards.

  1.     Folded Cards

Folded cards are a great option for events like baptism or Easter. It is possible to personalize these cards more by adjusting the theme and size.

  •         Card sizes- pick between 6*6 or 6*9 cards.
  •         Layout- here, you should choose the number of folds you want on your card
  •         Themes- you should keep the card natural with an outdoor theme.
  1.     Flat Cards

It is possible to make a flat card by using special layouts and themes.

  •         Card sizes- pick between 5*8 or 6*9
  •         Layouts- your design’s format depends on the card size orientation
  •         Theme- many themes will make your design appealing. Here, you can use patterns to achieve the latter.


People use photo cards to convey messages to their loved ones. With the above information, you can now create one with ease.