What Are the Steps and How Long It Takes to Build a Pool?

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There is so much to think about and factor in when constructing a backyard pool.

But, just about every homeowner has one prevalent query that always remains in the back of their mind, how long does it take to build a private pool? 

In this article, we’ll be answering this question of yours in a detailed manner, starting with pool designing to the installation of features. 

So, let’s scroll down and have a look: 

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Step 1: How Long Does the Designing of a Pool Take?

The journey of constructing any pool begins with its design. You must connect with a pool designing expert and discuss all your requirements and expectations so that they can translate your vision into a design over a piece of paper. 

The latest innovative 3-D modeling technology has simplified the design process and made it more interactive for homeowners. 

However, it takes approx one to four weeks for the design to be final.

Step 2: How Long Does the Permission of a Pool Take?

Once the design of your backyard pool is ready, the next step is to get the permit from the local municipality to construct it. 

The permit communicates to the neighbors and city officials that the pool is being built safely and legally. 

The time needed to get the approval varies from one city to another. It can take between one to six weeks, and the wait time depends on the local officials to approve the permit. 

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Some municipalities approve the permits quickly in a day or two, while others take between one to two weeks. 

Step 3: How Long Does the Excavation of a Pool Take?

Although, the excavation doesn’t take more than a day or two. However, digging for the pool can get delayed because of the obstructions such as utility lines. In that case, further approvals are required. 

Step 4: How Long Does the Steel, Plumbing, Electrical Work of a Pool Take?

When the pool has been dug, the next step is to lay out the steel route, the electrical and plumbing; and under-workings are set for maximum reliability. 

There are several things to build around your pool systems such as spas, lighting features, lighting, and other amenities. The time needed is approx two weeks, depending upon the size & complexity of your pool. 

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Step 5: How Long Does the Gunite, Plastering, Vinyl, Fiberglass of a Pool Take?

So, finally, it’s time to install your pool. Depending upon the time of pool you’re constructing. This part takes somewhere between one to three weeks. 

Compared to Gunite, both vinyl and fiberglass pools are faster to build. Because for Gunite, the crew has to plaster and wait for a week for the plaster to dry. 

Step 6: How Long Does the Deck, Landscaping, Custom Features of a Pool Take?

Once the pool has been laid out, finally, you probably consider adding landscaping, custom lighting, or water features. It has taken up to three weeks and even longer, depending on the features you want. For instance, if you plan to install a pool enclosure or  pool cover reel to create a cozy and aesthetically inviting space, you may need to do extra planning. 


Total Time to Build a Pool

The average time to build a pool in your backyard is between eight to twelve weeks. Although, two to three months would seem a long time; believe me, it would be fun and exciting to watch your pool being constructed piece by piece. 


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