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Chemistry is one of the main subjects of the science stream. Its large amount of syllabus makes it hard to deal with. Students who believe in last-minute preparation are going to struggle a lot with the subject. If you don’t want to fall into the category of strugglers, you should start with your preparation early. Class 12th chemistry is easy if you know how to prepare for it. Studying aimlessly without any plan is not going to take you anywhere. Therefore, it is advised to acquire some productive ways to get the most out of your preparation. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the exam preparation tips that can pave your path for a perfect grade. 

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Tip #1: Follow your Curriculum

Every educational institution wants the best for its students. Therefore, you should never ignore your allotted textbooks. Reference books look more promising but your school curriculum should be your priority. 

For CBSE exams, almost all the questions are from NCERT textbooks. Therefore, you should complete your textbook thoroughly. Complete all the diagrams, examples, and exercises before moving further.

NCERT solutions of class 12 chemistry can be the complete package for your preparation. Always follow the given solutions and try to analyze the writing style. 

Most of the students lose marks because they miss out on important keywords or points. 

Tip #2: Go for the Concepts

Chemistry is a concept-based subject. If you are planning to mug up the whole textbook, then you have another thing coming. Most of the questions will have the same concept but not the same value. If you don’t know the logic behind the solution, you are doomed. 

Start from basics and gradually increase the difficulty to strengthen your concepts. Chemistry is complex but fun. Once you get hold of the concept, you will enjoy solving problems in your study session. 

Never bite more than you can chew. If you will try to grasp everything in a limited amount of time. You will end up forgetting everything. Also, losing the invested time in the process. Therefore, start early and give enough time on the basics as well as complex topics. 

Tip #3: Sort out the Important Topics

You should not prefer selective preparation in chemistry. Prepare every topic with the same energy. On the other hand, some topics require extra practice. You should make a list of all the complex topics that are seen in board exams frequently. 

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You should prepare the list at the beginning of your preparation as chemistry concepts consist of many sub-parts and exceptions. It will take time to prepare the concept from the basic to the advanced level. 

You should prioritize these topics during your revision as well. 

Tip #4: Don’t Avoid Numerical Problems

Some students avoid numerical problems thinking that they will attempt the theory section instead. However, the theory section is time-consuming and hard to score. 

In the heat of the moment, you can miss out on a couple of keywords and there goes your perfect grade. On the other hand, numerical problems have simple steps. If you get the correct answer and mention all the steps properly, you will obtain full marks. 

If you prepare the numerical problems beforehand, you will not have to fill 2 pages to score 10 marks. 

Tip #5: Sample Papers

Solving sample papers is the most effective way to ensure a high score in your chemistry exam. It helps in time management and trains you to tackle different types of questions. Whenever you encounter a new problem during your exam you are likely to get confused. So, it is advised to familiarise yourself with different types of questions and solving methods. 

Attempting more sample papers can help you discover your weaknesses and work on them. After solving plenty of sample papers, you will be able to sort the frequently appeared questions. 

Sample papers can provide you with enough training to run your pen with the running clock. Sample papers can boost your confidence and speed exponentially. 

Tip #6: Start with your NCERT Book

For the chemistry exam, you should start your preparation from NCERT textbooks. All the board exams are based on the concepts mentioned in the NCERT books. You should give preference to them because of their easy language and easy to comprehend fundamentals.

Get the NCERT solutions class 12 chemistry for reference. It will give you an idea of the correct answering method that you should use in the final exam. 

NCERT will strengthen your basics but you need a lot of practice to reach the level of perfection. In the final exam, if your basics are not up to the mark, a slight change in the value can confuse you. 

Once you are done with the NCERT textbooks, switch to reference books and solve complex problems. 

How to Attempt your Chemistry Exam?

Apart from preparation, there are some points you should know before attempting your final chemistry exam:

  • Attempt easy questions first, then go for the tough ones. Avoid picking up hard problems first as it can affect your confidence.
  • Never go out of your way to answer the problem. The extra time you will spend on a question will be deducted from another question. Manage your time perfectly by writing just the right amount of information. 
  • Always crosscheck the formulas and units before moving further. These minor errors can affect your overall score. 
  • Always keep your answers neat. Use sufficient space to make it easier for the teacher to evaluate your answer sheet. 
  • Always revise your answer sheet before submission. 


Writing perfect answers in the chemistry exam is only possible with the right preparation. Follow your study routine sincerely and you will notice significant growth in your grades. The only way of achieving a perfect score is a well-structured study plan.  


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