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If you are a registered user of EPFO’s UAN App Portal, you should have heard by now about the facilities available on the site. There are still two services such as “online transfer of EPF claims” and “online verification of the status of the transferred claim.” EPFO reports that progress is still being made on this.

There are 3 ways to test your EPF withdrawal application claim status. The status check of the EPF claim via the Main EPFO portal is the best, as it needs the least details and gives most data. Even it gives you the specifics of the previous claims too.

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UAN Claim status through EPF Main Portal

In this UAN Claim status check method you need only the UAN number. Neither are you expected to remember a login password (Necessary portal for UAN members). Nor, the OTP (UMANG App) problem will arise. You can also use used all the three methods to test my claim status but this one provided more detailed details.

  • Visit EPF Portal: You will need to visit EPFO’s key and simple site. This site has connections to all EPFO services. This portal’s URL
  • Go to the Segment of Employees: The EPFO divided its services for staff, employers, foreign jobs, pensioners, etc. You will pick the Employee Tab.
  • Know Your Claim Status: You will see different choices under ‘Services’ in the Employee section. Tap the ‘Know Your Claim Status’ to test the status of a UAN claim.
  • Fill out the Details: You will see a very small form on the next page. You just need to type your Captcha and UAN. You just have to fill it right, since you know the captcha will be written there. It is important to show a human being fills out the form manually, not a machine itself.
  • Choose EPF account number: You may be connecting more than one EPF account to one UAN. In this case, you must select the appropriate EPF account to test your status. Choose from Drop Down Menu issued.
  • See the Claim Information: You can see the clear status of your EPF withdrawal or EPF transfer claim in the result column. Also, this page will give you all, if any, past statements.

UAN Member Portal

  • Using your UAN and password to sign on to the UAN member portal. If you forget the password for UAN you can reset it from there.
  • Go to the Online Resources inside the UAN dashboard. You’d consider that in a menu bar.
  • There would be a ‘Follow Claim Status’ option under Online Services. Tap on the selection.
  • Now, you’d see your UAN claims status.

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  • Open the UMANG program, and find the module for the EPFO. Click this.
  • Tap on Centric Employee Resources.
  • Go to the Blue Ribbon segment on the Track Claim and press. It is the last of those choices.
  • Enter your UAN, and tap on the connection ‘Get OTP.’
  • You’d get the OTP into your registered mobile phone. Join the OTP over here.
  • Now you’d see your EPF withdrawal or Move Application claim info.