The Fedora Hat – Essential Things You Need to Know About it

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Whether you like or dislike it, the fedora hat will remain in vogue! Earlier, when life was all about hats and formal dress codes, you would have never found a man going out of home without a fedora. Since then, this stylish headpiece has marked itself as one of the famous hat styles for women and men. The hat is slightly more formal than a flat cap and baseball cap. Hence, it’s adaptable to dress down and easy to dress up.  

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Despite that, the fedora hat has witnessed ample counterattack from a few style experts who think that the hat got popularized by the posers. However, the good news is that this hat is making a comeback in the fashion scene and inspiring men and women to style it in alignment with their outfits. 

Understanding a fedora hat

Simply put, a fedora hat has a pliable brim, which is generally 2 or 3 inches wide. It also comes with an indented crown and has a middle crease that’s pinched on two sides. Even though the hat initially got made from fur felt, today, most hat makers use wool felt to make fedora hats. 

That is not all! The expert hat makers from American Hat Company also use other materials such as cotton twill, straw, leather, and synthetic material blends to make the fedora hats. Since the hat is available in endless varieties, its shape gets marked increasingly by the fundamental features stated here instead of any particular fabric or style. 

Selecting the correct brim size

Size does matter when it comes to the fedora brims. You need to know the dos and don’ts when you want to find the correct style. It would be best if you didn’t shy away from playing with proportion to know what suits you well. 

  • A wide brim

A fedora with a wide brim looks classic and is an excellent choice to keep your head and face securely from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Do you have an egg-shaped face? Or do you have a thin face? In both cases, a wide brim fedora can help to balance the elongated facial features. 

On the other hand, if your face is round or you have a wide head, this brim might not be the best choice for you. It might add an extra girth and not complement your look. 

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  • Short brim

Usually, these fedoras come with brims that is less than two inches. When it gets mistaken for a trilby, there are times that has a very narrow brim of approximately an inch and half or even less. Hence, a trilby might look similar to a pork pie instead of a fedora hat in this regard. 

Do you have a big head size? If yes, then you shouldn’t sport a fedora hat with a small brim. It will end up in making your head appear bigger. 

The best tips for sporting a fedora hat

Are you planning to wear a fedora hat? Do you want some guidance about it? If yes, the following pointers can help you:

  • Everything is about the correct fit. Selecting a fedora hat that will fit you well on the head indicates that the hat is neither too big nor too small or tight. The best way to test this is by keeping your finger between your head and hat. If you find that there is ample space for a finger, the size is correct. 
  • Know that fedoras don’t only come in felt material. Today, they are available in various materials. Hence, it would be best if you rethought where you want to sport this hat and add some variants to your collection. It will suffice for different seasons. If it’s summer then you can opt-in for the Panama straw-fedoras. You can wear it in a beachside wedding as well. On the other hand, the black fedora might be for more formal occasions. 
  • Are you new to the entire fedora craze? If yes, it’s best to start simple. You can choose your hat in different shades such as grey, beige, taupe, ivory, and navy blue. If you want, you can also opt-in for pinstripes, bright patterns, and embellishments. 
  • You should be aware of the different types of fedora variants and fabrics so that you can choose the best hat for yourself. 
  • When it comes to a fedora hat, you shouldn’t be cheap! You also don’t need to spend a significant amount on your hat. But you indeed get what you pay for. Usually, a standard woolen fedora hat might cost you around $60 and more. You must do your homework before you invest in a fedora hat. 
  • Make sure that you keep your fedora hat clean. A dirty fedora hat doesn’t look good. 

Last but not least, have fun as you wear and style your fedora hat! There is no fixed formula; hence you can always keep experimenting. You can visit the best online hatmakers, choose your best fedora hat, and wear it with style and comfort. 

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