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With the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 came a pandemic and it brought with it paranoia and worries across countries globally. 

Hygiene was not something you could take lightly, as cleanliness had become critical. Without a clean and tidy home and other surroundings, you could catch a fever or cold without even knowing it! 

Attending to this increase in demand for sanitation and other hygiene measures, ILife curates robotic vacuum cleaner models to make your life a little easier. 

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Most of their models are automatic and you don’t have to move a muscle or provide the device with any kind of physical assistance because its smart technology will ensure optimized cleaning! 

One of their recent launches was the V5x, one of the smartest in the line of home cleaning robots India; a device that comes with the best features!

What is the V5x?

The V5x is a robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with powerful suction to pick up the tiniest of dirt and debris while you sit back and relax doing your own thing. There are so many added advantages to this product and its technology is one of the smartest inventions yet!


But what makes it so different from the rest of the products is its unique features. It is unlike any other vacuum cleaner robot and cleans to an absolute sparkle. 

Here are some of the amazing benefits of V5x that could eliminate your worry of maintaining a hygienic environment around you:

-The V5x is specially designed for hardwood floors: Unlike other ILife products, the V5x is specially designed to powerfully suction and pick up hair, dust and debris while dry cleaning and picking up grime and dirt while mopping on hardwood floors. 

But this doesn’t mean that it can’t clean other surfaces! Its versatile design allows it to adjust accordingly and clean any kind of surface effectively. 

-Works with Alexa and Google Home: Most of us are hands full of work and don’t have time for cleaning the house. We in fact, don’t even have time to switch an automatic device on that will do the entire cleaning routine! Well, you don’t have to.

All you need to do ask your Alexa or Google home to start the V5x and you’re good to go!

-Multiple modes of cleaning for different cleaning needs: The V5x is equipped with the smartest technology and that can help detect its surroundings and adjust its mode accordingly. 

There are primarily four different modes:

  1. Auto Mode: This mode is mostly suitable for all kinds of interiors and all kinds of cleaning needs. You can schedule a path and enable the robot to move along that designated path for more convenience. 
  2. Spot Mode: The spot mode setting allows the robot to clean a  specific spot for a longer time. This is mostly ideal for places that need vigorous cleaning. 
  3. Edge Mode: The edge mode is a customized setting that will clean edges and corners of walls. 
  4. Schedule Mode: The schedule mode is usually used on an everyday basis to schedule the cleaning routine at a particular time of the day. 

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-Smart Sensors: The powerful and smart sensors that come with this device can perform a lot of functions very easily. Its technology guarantees streamlined functioning and lets the device perform the entire task smoothly. 

  1. To help avoid the edge of stairs or any surface: Cliff detection sensors help the robotic device to prevent tipping off the edge of stairs or any other surfaces. 
  2. Cleans “hard to reach” areas: The sleek and compact design of this model easily lets it clean under cupboards, desks and other places that are usually hard to reach and clean. Its slim profile lets it reach the dirt under sofas, beds and other furniture. 
  3. Protects its surroundings from any damage: The robot doesn’t bump into any kind of furniture, avoiding damage to itself and the things around it.

-Automatic and Self Charging: Once the robotic vacuum cleaner is done with its cleaning routine and has completed the tasks scheduled, it goes to its charging station to revive its charge. Now, how cool is that? You don’t even have to worry about charging your device. 

The device automatically retreats to its charging dock once as the battery runs low, allowing you to enjoy the convenience brought by the robotic technology. 

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-I-Dropping Technology: The V5x witnesses technology like never before: this special feature is very rare and does not come with most other designs. 

The V5x sprinkles water on its floor only when it is moving along that route, minimizing water consumption and adding to the variety of benefits that it brings to the table. 

It also makes sure that there is a thorough wet clean. The water tank stops dispensing water as the robot stops from mopping to prevent mechanical overload and floor damages.

This means that the device supports an eco friendly cause while also making your life easy and clean. 

-Other amazing features and accessories:

Some of its other features include:

  1. Brushless Motor: The V5x is one such robot that comes with a brushless motor. The brushless motor suction power is higher and it is mostly noiseless when the vacuum is mopping or dry cleaning the floor or any surface. 
  2. Quality Mop cloth and Large water tank: High quality microfibre mop cloth easily removes dirt from hard surfaces. The water tank is also very large, facilitating to hold upto 250ml water, allowing 80 min cleaning in a space up to 180 square meters of surface area. 
  3. MicroFibre Mop Cloth: The large mop cloth is about 350 square centimeters and helps save water efficiently. 
  4. Two Nozzle water dispensing: When the V5x is mopping and using the wet mode, its in built nozzles disperse water to dampen the mop cloth. 

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