7 Important Reasons to Convert Your Word Files to PDF

Juliet D'cruz

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Microsoft Word is widely used worldwide for almost all transactions there is. Word is a program component of Microsoft Office 365. Converting Word to PDF format brings a lot of benefits to users. PDF or Portable Document Format is a preferred file format for many users around the globe. This fact is accounted for the benefits that this format gives. Read on and learn the 7 importance of converting Word to PDF. 

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  • Security

Confidentiality and security of information such as personal, banking, and financial details are the common concerns of many computer users. This information is usually at risk of loss, corruption, or theft. With PDF, users can avoid such incidents, for it can be saved and protected by a password. This is the primary reason why you should convert Word to PDF

  • It Is Simple and Easy to Use 

A PDF is very simple and easy to access. It is proven to be more user-friendly compared to Microsoft applications. Although they come with many features, you can sometimes be overwhelmed as they sometimes even take more time to load compared to opening PDF files on a PDF viewer. 

  • File Compression 

Storage is another concern of computer users when talking about saving their files. The capacity of device storage is limited, and purchasing additional external storage can be pricey. PDF is a solution to this problem. When users convert Word to PDF, files are compressed or become smaller in size. The great thing about it is that the content remains intact. 

It is also important to note that large file formats are more expensive to save than smaller ones. So, it is highly recommended to convert Word to PDF to save storage capacity. 

  • Compatibility Across Different Operating Systems

Files in Microsoft Word may experience problems when received by another user. The operating system of the receiver may not read some text or characters. PDF works perfectly on any operating system. This fact means that you do not need to worry about its accuracy once you send it. Moreover, PDFs are also compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The PDF documents are viewable whether users have iOS or Android operating systems. Moreover, sometimes documents contain images, graphs, and other non-text elements. PDF reliably preserved these elements. With this, accuracy is ensured. 

  • Format Preservation

 Another benefit of converting word to pdf is format preservation. When you send or distribute Word to other people, it can be easily edited or altered. As mentioned a while ago, file documents in word format may experience chances on the receiving computer. These changes are brought about by different word processing systems on the receiver’s computer. Again, PDF is the solution for such concern. All the documents will stay the same no matter what software or hardware a person is using. 

  • Paperless Storage 

PDF provides for paperless storage of documents. Printing and storing paper documents is a waste of resources and space. It can be costly because of the use of ink and paper. 

  • Permanence 

PDFs have been used worldwide for many years, and they appear to stay for more years to come. This format has been adopted and preferred by many due to the benefits that come with it. Several legacies or old essential documents are stored and shared through PDF. 

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How to Convert Word to PDF 

There are several ways to transform your Microsoft Word file into a PDF. You can either use an online converter or use the features found in the saving options.

Use an online converter 

The possibilities that the internet brings are endless. By opening and typing in your browser, you can find free conversion tools, just like PDFBear. 

Step 1: Once the browser directs you to PDFBear, you will see detailed conversion options. Look for and click PDF Converter. 

Step 2: Click the select button and wait for your file to be uploaded. 

Step 3: PDFBear will convert your file to PDF in no time. Once the file is done, you can click the download icon, send it via email, or copy the link, and you can paste it to different online platforms. 

You may also convert Word to PDF by following these simple steps. 

Step 1: Choose and open the file you want to convert. 

Step 2: Click the file button on the upper part of your screen. 

Step 3: Select Save As PDF Adobe 

Step 4: You may use the same file and click save, or you may change it before hitting the save button. 

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Portable File Format provides more security, accessibility, and accuracy when it comes to document formats. Converting words to PDF is as easy as one, two, three. There are several ways you can do it. You can either use an online converter or save it using the saving features in Microsoft Word. Lastly, it is imperative to convert Word to PDF, especially when plenty can easily access documents using the Internet.