My Pet Dog is Refusing to Eat Lately! Why is He Not Eating?

Juliet D'cruz

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One of the common complaints made by pet owners is about their pets not eating food. It can get distressing beyond a certain point after your pet dog doesn’t agree to eat. If your pet dog has lost appetite, there might be several reasons for it and it is vital to know the underlying cause so your doggy doo can be provided with proper treatment. So, take your pet to the vet if the whole thing has been bothering you. If your doggy has pet insurance, then there should be little to worry about financially. 

A comprehensive dog insurance policy covers much of your dog’s medical care costs. Even so, any changes in your pet dog’s eating habits must not be neglected. It may indicate a serious illness that hasn’t shown up yet, especially if your dog was a voracious eater previously. It is always better to address any eating issues as soon as possible if you don’t wish your dog to fall critically ill because of prolonged starvation.

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Why do some dogs refuse to eat?


Reduced appetite, along with a range of other symptoms, is often a sign of illness – like , cancer, liver issues, kidney problems, pain, and varied systemic infections.Usually, it is not a severe medical condition; still, it may need your attention. By all means, your vet’s confirmation is necessary to be reassured. 

Dental complaints

If something is inducing pain in your doggy’s mouth, he will naturally not be willing to eat. So, examine your paw friend’s mouth or take him to the vet for a thorough oral and dental investigation. The issue can be as simple as broken/loose teeth or as severe as gingivitis or an oral tumour.


There are many vaccinations available for contagious and critical diseases. We agree vaccinations have protected millions of pet lives in the past and present; however, they may affect some creatures. Side effects of these pricks may include losing an appetite that returns to normal levels after a brief period.

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New environment

If your dog was okay with eating food until you left for a trip or moved to a new home, then losing appetite may be because of the discomfort of being in unfamiliar surroundings. Some pets may feel anxious or experience motion sickness when they arrive at a new place or travel destination.

Behavioural problems

Some dogs are just picky. It may be anything from the new food bowl or changing the place where you keep his food dish or that you are feeding him in front of new people, or some other change. A lot of new situations or other pets in the vicinity may intimidate your pet. Though never rule out the possibility of an illness, assuming it to be behavioural instinct.

Talk to your vet to know about the feeding solutions for your pet. They may suggest making mealtime more of a fun activity or taking pup for a walk before offering him meals, or providing him food at more regular times… These tactics may considerably improve his appetite along with any medication needed to treat any diagnosed illness. At such times, pet insurance makes quality health care accessible to your pet at affordable costs. Purchase a dog insurance policy, so you don’t have to exhaust your savings to provide excellent medical help for your pet doggy during unexpected times, or any other day throughout their lifetime.