Men’s Fashion: What To Wear For A “Smart Casual” Dinner Party

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Smart casual attire is in essence a style that is not as formal as the conventional office attire, yet still designed to make a business or corporate-like appearance. 

This type of attire typically comprises a button-down shirt, a pair of dress pants, dress shoes, a vest, and a blazer. The idea is to create an overall smart look by putting together pieces that give you a classy look. For instance, while office attire might comprise a suit and tie, smart casual attire usually incorporates the use of jeans, a sweater vest, dress socks, and a clean-cut blazer.

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Fashion-wise, you want to create a look that is less flashy but still corporate to feel like you are still in the office. If you’re still not sure what to wear to a party that requires this dress code, keep reading to know your options. 

  • Wristwatch

A wristwatch is a key accessory that can help you pull off that casual look you’re aiming for. You should be mindful of the type of wristwatch though. For a dinner party, dress watches like the Diesel watch would be appropriate. The different models come at affordable price ranges. 

Other wristwatches can be used for events such as running, snorkeling, flying, etc. Some brands of luxury wristwatches come with several features and options such as a stopwatch, calendar, memory, date, calculator, GPS navigator, and so forth. If you aren’t a wristwatch person, you can always go for another sophisticated look with a permanent bracelet to give you the same stylish effect.

  • T-shirt

T-shirts date back up to the 19th century. The design of T-shirts was based on simple cotton fabrics that were more suitable to wear on a day-to-day basis. From there, the popularity of the T-shirt slowly grew and men started using it on casual occasions such as picnics, casual house parties, work, and even for casual sports such as track and field and tennis. 

A casual T-shirt is a hit with the guys at the beach, pool parties, dances, concerts, or just hangouts. It is definitely an attire you should consider wearing for a smart casual dinner party. 

T-shirts can be paired up with other items of casual apparel such as chinos, shorts, skirts, pants, and leggings to create a one-piece ensemble. A plain, a graphic tee, or a tank top can be used together with a pair of casual trousers for a simpler look. 

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  • Brogues 

Brogues are distinctly masculine shoes that have been fashionable in one form or another since the 15th century. In today’s modern world they are often associated with casual wear or informal workwear, but in Renaissance times they were a much more elegant and fashion-wise shoe. While many heel shoes share the popularity of the brogues as it seems that they are here to stay. 

The construction of the Brogues makes them incredibly strong and durable, this makes them ideal for people who are into sports and other physical activity. They are also extremely popular with people who look casual but smart at the same time. If you are looking for a men’s shoe that you can wear casually, without inhibitions, you should probably choose a brogue. 

  • Denim Jeans 

Denim Jeans, or “American Skinny” jeans, have been around for about as long as jeans themselves. Men’s casual attire is primarily characterized by jeans, whether they are always meant to be loose fitting and of decent quality to be worn to an event if paired with the right top.

Denim jeans can be worn for a variety of occasions, but we find they are appropriate to wear to casual events. They are very tough and durable and will help keep you warm when you’ll be outside all day in inclement weather. For added comfort, many people choose to wear them with a thick wool sweater. Most stores that sell Denim jeans today stock a wide range of different styles and types, so if you are looking for a particular type or style, it should be easy to find one that suits your taste. 

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There are different smart casual attire for men available in the market today. You can get dress shirts, dress ties, dress trousers, just to name a few. 

These can be paired up with a simple white or gray dress shirt, a dark-colored pair of dress pants, or a solid khaki with a dark gray jacket and tie. Khakis or dark gray slacks can also be paired up with a dress shirt, and a light khaki or dark gray dress shirt can be worn with dress pants.

These are some of the various ways you can pair clothing and accessories to achieve your desired look.

Men’s office wear doesn’t have to be difficult to find; however, it is important that you keep some basic principles in mind when you shop so that you can choose men’s office wear that not only looks good but is also comfortable.


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