Life Hack: Add Watermark to PDF to Prevent Content Theft

Juliet D'cruz

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The content of documents, regardless of the topic, is an asset to the author. It takes a substantial investment of time and effort to create content. Nowadays, most of us prefer producing documents in a soft copy form. 

These documents may come in various file formats and extensions. PDF is one of the most popular forms of the file extension. It offers unique features that make it convenient for all users to produce a copy. The ability of it to produce a hard copy that is the same as the encoded one makes it an ideal form. 

Sometimes documents or files in PDF are facing problems such as unauthorized use. One of the best ways to prevent this is by using an Add Watermark to PDF Tool

What Is a Watermark?

We do not create content and put effort into it only to let someone take the credit. To protect the asset that we own, we put a barrier to it to stop others from claiming it. A visual representation that is being used to show ownership is what we called a watermark. 

 A watermark is an image or figure that is being infused into a certain page or document. This is being done to inform others that a file on whatever form is being owned by a person or an organization. 

Watermark is something that suits all file formats and extensions. Overlaying images is a simple thing to do. We could add symbolic images to an image to serve as its watermark. As we could observe when we are trying to browse photos on the internet, we cannot use some of them. There is an infused watermark on it showing that the images cannot be able to subject other usages. 

When we are trying to browse documents on the internet, we encounter some that have an overlay image on them. This signifies that the content is only for viewing. So anyone who can take and make a copy of it commits fabrication and plagiarism. 

Why Are Watermarks Important? 

Watermark has a role in the security and protection of any asset owned by a certain individual or group. It lessens the chance of others to claim a certain asset or content that we produced.

The digital asset is hard to protect. This is because, in the different platforms of technology, everything is possible. Unauthorized use of assets may prevail if there is no infusion of symbolic figures in an asset. 

The chances of file theft are higher in a digital asset that is not protected with a watermark. In the world of technology, in a simple step, others can claim and use our digital content. When we upload content to a specific platform, the risk is high. It takes only a right-click and saves option for us to lose the ownership. 

Unauthorized use of an asset can ruin an organization’s brand or person’s reputation. Our content is at the risk of high manipulation in the hands of others. It can lead to mass distribution that can destroy some privacy-related concerns. 

Watermark serves as a sign that our digital property aims only to get a view from others. But this does not mean that it allows other people to use and make a copy.

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Watermarks in PDF Files

One of the most useful file formats and extensions is the PDF. Because of the features, many users prefer to use them. Despite its outstanding qualities, the number of users that are using it is at risk of content theft. Adding a watermark on it is the best way to deter this.

How to Add a Watermark to a PDF?

There are many ways of adding a watermark on our PDF. There are varieties of online websites that give straightforward processes like the PDFBear.. 

Steps include dragging the file first to the logo box where everything will process. We have to make sure that it is the file that we desired to put a watermark on. 

Watermark can be in the form of an image or text. Choose one or it can be both. We have to type the words that we want to overlay on the text. If not, we have to choose images we want to infuse into the file. 

After doing the said process, we have to position the image or text that we are using on the page. We have the power to choose our desired position for the watermark. 

The process won’t be able to be completed if we do not save and download it. After completing the process, apply the changes then download.

In a quick process, we now have our PDF with an embedded watermark.

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Security is the most important aspect when we are dealing with digital content. We have to protect it at all costs so that our efforts and name will turn into nothing. Adding a watermark does not choose a device. Whether we are using a mobile phone, laptop or desktop. Online services offer a straightforward process of adding watermarks to our PDF file. Thus, there is no reason for us to say that there is no way to protect our digital assets.