Learn How to Distinguish between Kilogram (Kg) and Pounds (lbs)

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Both units, kg, and pound are units of weight measurement. The kilogram was taken under the international system in 1959, while the pound was for mass weight. In India, kilograms are a standard unit of weight. 

Historically, the official adoption of the International Unit of Units (SI) Back in 1959 paved the way for the flexibility of accepting kg as the most widely used unit of weight. Today, most SSI units have a modern unit matrix system widely used in science, commerce, and everyday life. 

However, it is essential to note that some countries such as the USA and the UK accept the pound as their standard unit of weight measurement. 

Let’s learn how to differentiate between kg and lbs in this article. 


One pound equals only about half a kg. 1 pound is the same as 0.453 kg, which is a question for many people who weigh an item from pounds to kg. Under the state system, the pound is one of the units of weight measurement. 

The pound is abbreviated as “lb” and has several varieties in different parts of the world due to its association with the Roman libra. The exact answer for 1 pound equals 0.45359237 kg, which is hard to remember. So, in most calculations, a pound of 1 = 0.450 kg is considered. 

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 A kg is considered the same as the weight of one litre of water as per the SI system. A kg is about the same size (originally designed to be the same) and weighs 1000 cubic cm of water. It is a standard used in science, engineering, and commerce worldwide and is often called kilo colloquially.

It is stored in the vault at an international office of weight and weights; in France, the standard cylindrical figure weighing exactly 1 kg is an IPK.

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 A kilogram is not a human weight, and at the same time, should be measured as a unit of Mass.

Also, 2.204 pounds= 1kg. This is true when it comes to measuring weight here on earth. 

The difference between kilogram and pound:

Kilogram Pound
A kilogram is a unit of weight calculation unit. A pound is a state unit of weight calculation.
Kg is the abbreviation for kilogram.  Abbreviations for pounds are ‘lb’ and ‘LBM. This is because the unit is descended from Roman libra (hence the abbreviation is “Lb.”
Throughout the world, mass is expressed in kilograms.  The UK and USA use the pound mostly.
One kilogram is the same as 2.204 pounds. One pound is equal to 0.453 kg.
A kilogram is a unit solely for the measurement of mass. The pound can express both mass and force. Also, note that the pound-mass is not the same as the pound-force. 
A kilogram is derived from a term in Greek, where Kilo means thousand. A pound is derived from a Germanic word.

From Kilograms to pounds formulas

Being able to calculate how many kg in one pound is not enough. You should also be able to convert kilograms into pounds faster, too. 

  • To do so, multiply the weight by a pound at 2.204. For example, 3 pounds would equal 3 x 2.204 kg.

From Pounds to Kilogram formula

In the same way, when you change the weight from pounds to a pound, multiply the weight by a pound by 0.450. Now that you know the difference between a pound and a kg, here’s a quick task you can solve.

Exercise – 1

  1. Shruti orders cement weighing 45 pounds for construction. However, you get only 13 kg of cement. How many pounds of cement do you need to complete your order?


Method 1

Start by converting 45 pounds into kg.

Thus, cement ordered (per kg) = 45 x 0.453 = 20.38kg

Shruti received 13 kg of cement in his order. Therefore, cement is to be delivered (20.41 – 13) kg. Therefore, you will still receive 7.38 kg of cement.

Pounds of cement to be delivered = 7.38 x 2.20 = 16.236 pounds.

Method 2

This is a quick process involving only one modification.

Start by converting 13 kg into pounds.

Cement delivered = 13 x 2.204 = 28.65 pounds.

Cement to be delivered = 45-28.65 = 16.35 pounds

The calculation becomes much easier when one remembers the formula of lbs to kilos.

Multiple Choice Question – 1

  1. Raj Mufka 10 Pounds of Kazambane. How Many Pounds of Potatoes Did You Buy?
  2. 4.23 kg
  3. 6.53 kg
  4. 4.53 kg
  5. 3.73 kg

Answers. (c) 4.53 kg


The pound is the state unit of weight or weight measurement, while the kilogram is the unit of measurement metric. One kilogram is about the weight of 2.2 pounds, so a kilogram weighs 2.2 times more than a pound. A pound can be a unit of weight or a measure of energy, while a kilogram is a unit of weight. The pound may also refer to the national currency such as the UK and other countries. 

A pound is a widely used unit of weight for a pound. A pound weighs 9.81 pounds for Newton (N) and 2.2 pounds for a pound (Lb). Therefore, understand the concept and difference between the two before doing calculations related to pounds or kilograms. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How many lbs in one kg?

Answers. 1 kg = 2.204 lb. As a result, one can of kg is 2.2 times more than a pound.

  1. Which unit between kg and the pound is a unit of weight measurement metric?

Answers. A kilogram or kilogram is a metric unit for measuring mass or weight.

  1. In which country pound is a standard unit for measurement?

Answers. The pound is standard in the United States and the United Kingdom as a unit of weight measurement.

  1. Is pound and kg the same?

Answers. No, pound and Kg are different units of weight. A pound is an SI unit of weight, and a pound is a unit of state weight. To convert from kg to pound, multiply the kg unit by 2.20462.

1 kg = 2.2 lb

and to convert from pound to kg, multiply the pound unit by 0.453592

1 lb = 0.45 kg