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Jharkhand Land Record (URL- www.jharbhoomi.nic.in) is a significant official Jharkhand Government website. People can view all land registrations by entering their account number on the website of Jharkhand Apna Khata. In this, all the work on the land is done online. Jharkhand is an online portal that gives people complete land information.

Through Jharkhand, Jharkhand people can view Jharkhand land records, land & khatian, Nakal Khasra, land mutation, land tax payment, income and registry records online, where they can get Jamabandi Nakal, Khasra Khatauni number through online, and land farm where you can find a copy of the map, etc. And citizens can check their land records from their homes with ease. They won’t have to go to the Revenue Office, UP Patwari, or any other related office anymore to know a little piece of information.

Jharkhand Land Record is an online portal that solved the state’s problem of manual land records. Jharkhand Jharbhoomi is composed of two words in Hindi i.e. Jhar + Bhoomi which means Jhar. Jharkhand and Bhumi mean statements or accounts of land records. Jharbhoomi means keeping a land account/land record. It includes a land description, its owner, and other details.

It was introduced in all the State districts. People can view details about their land on the official website www.jharbhoomi.nic.in. Both of these are under the Land Records and National Land Records Modernisation Plan (NLRMP) disposal agency. After several months of work, the two large rooms at the Collectorate include a large room on the second floor, ready for use.

Looking at the security record of the four computerized doors, who will go into the record room will be known. Furthermore, in the future, the line will be recorded which no one will see. The computerized records will be easy to get along with it. Once fully ready to enter the land agreement, mutation registers, revenue records, related to any computer will be revealed with one click. The Jharkhand government has introduced a new provision called Apna Khat Apna Khota.

NIC (National Informatics Centre) initiated the project. The main aim of this project is to provide people with online land information records. Every detail of the people’s land records is a ROR (rate of return) application. People can use their Khata number to check the records and see the names given to the account.

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Purpose of Jharkhand (Url – www.Jharbhoomi.nic.in)

  • Provide state citizens with Land Record Details (measles and khata).
  • The land transition for Plans and Programs.
  • Revenue and Registry Digitization information.
  • External Land Mutation.
  • Online Land Tax Payment.
  • Jharbhoomi Prevention against the ground- or property-related fraudulent activities.

Objective of Jharbhoomi

  • Provide land record information to the people of Jharkhand state.
  • Preventing land or immovable fraud
  • Online Land Tax Payment
  • Online Land Mutation

How to register in the Jharbhoomi portal?

  • To begin with, visit the official website – www.jharbhoomi.nic.in
  • You need to click on the “View Account and Register-II” button on the homepage
  • Now open a new tab.
  • In which you are expected to fill in the details needed.

How to Login Jharbhoomi

  • Visit the official website – www.jharbhoomi.nic.in
  • On the homepage, you will see the option of logging in.
  • Click on the button to log in.
  • Write your district name, area name, username at the end and press the “Enter” option

How to Check Land Record?

  • Firsr visit the official website – www.jharbhoomi.nic.in
  • Now you’ll see the “See Register-II” option on the site’s homepage.
  • Click on option.
  • See Digital Jharbhoomi Map now.
  • Choose your district where real estate or land is located.
  • You then choose your village.
  • Now open a new tab.

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How to Check the Jharkhand Map?

  • Now, if you want to check the map of the land or if you want to download it then you can check it now. You will have to follow the following methods given below to check the Jharkhand land map.
  • Visit the official website at first-Http://jharbhunaksha.nic.in/
  • Now you have to fill in details about your position as-City, Circle, Halka, Mauza, etc.
  • Now you’re going to click on your land on the map. After that, on the left side of the screen, you will see details of your Jharbhoomi geo map.

Features and Benefits

Digital Service Promotion:-This initiative has provided a boost to projects like Digital India. Because all of the work in this is done via digital media.

Main goal:-The main goal of this scheme is to get people online all the information related to their land. So they don’t have to go to the government bureaux like Patwarkhana.

Time-saving:-It saves a lot of time by getting information about the land online. Because it saves people the time it takes to get to Patwari and get information like going there.

If you are a government official related to the Jharkhand government’s Department of Revenue Registration and Land Reforms, please change the Khatian Download option or give the real option to download Jharbhoomi Online Khatian.

Because we are explaining with this option that we can actually download our Khatian Online. Therefore if you want to know about Jharkhand ‘s schemes, then you should also read this article because our website gives you all of Jharkhand ‘s main information.