5 Symptoms of Bad Ignition Coil in Your Car

Juliet D'cruz

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5 Symptoms of Bad Ignition Coil in Your Car


To ignite combustion, the ignition coil provides electricity to the spark plug. The responsibility of the coil is to draw voltage and transmit it by amplifying it through the spark plug from the battery.

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An indication that the ignition coil has been damaged due to the automobile can occur when the vehicle or its auto parts is troubling at driving smoothly and intermittently. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the five symptoms of a bad ignition coil in your car.

How does an Ignition Coil Work?

Here is a simple and step wise methods of how an ignition coil works-

  • You must have heard about compact electrical transformers. Well, they are none other than ignition coils. The objective of ignition coils is to normally take the reduced 12-volt current that you can find in car batteries.
  • Then you can change them into a bigger voltage that you might need to start the engine by igniting the fuel. In a car, every spark plug has its ignition coil. The coil sits on the top of the spark plug instead of using wires or being physically connected to the spark plug with wires.
  • The spark plug needs around 15000-20000 electricity volts to make an electric spark to ignite the fuel. You can expect bad results from engine misfires and weak fuel consumption if you do not have strong ignition coils.
  • A troubled ignition coil can result from a high voltage or low voltage battery abnormally. This will lead to various problems with the automotive and installing a new battery can avoid issues.
  • If a battery is not reading a minimum of 12.65 volts when they are completely charged, then you have a bad battery that you can find in old cars. Also, you must search for an ignition coil from boodmo.com on the web.

Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Coil

Some of the common signs of a bad ignition coil includes engine hesitation, misfires, rough idle, etc. here are 5 main signs you should know-

  • Backfiring

A symptom for the indication of failure of the ignition coil is caused by backfiring your car in its early stages. When the fuel is unused in the engine’s combustion cylinders that leaves through the exhaust pipe, it can result in expensive repairs if this problem is left without further checking.

Through the exhaust pipe, the emission of black smoke usually detects the backfiring problem. The gasoline smell also gives away the failure of the ignition coil in that smoke. 

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You can reduce the repair cost that might transpire. Some of the symptoms of an ignition coil failure or a bad ignition coil are getting the DTC code, engine jerking, rough idling, poor power, etc.

If you replace the ignition coil with a newer one, you can resolve all these issues in no time. The price of a new ignition coil depends on what kind of car you have. Also, you should search for an ignition coil from Boodmo on the web.

  • Vehicle stalling

Stalling the vehicle can also fail the ignition coil. Due to the unstable sparks that the faulty ignition coil sends to the spark plugs, stalling of the vehicle occurs. When you bring your car to a stop that leaves restarting trouble, your car will completely shut off.

  • Engine jerking, rough idling, poor power

Hesitating while accelerating, rough idling of the engine and jerking are other symptoms. When driving the vehicle, it will seem like there is some lack of power.

  • Poor fuel economy

Poor fuel economy is one of the major signs of the failure of an ignition coil. A failure at the ignition coil will occur if your car is receiving less mileage than it was previously getting noticeably.

It is natural and possible that an ignition failure occurred and is the cause if your car is consuming extra fuel than it is supposed to. The usage of more fuel will result from a failing or a bad ignition coil.

  • Engine misfiring

You will notice the failure of ignition coils in your vehicle caused by engine misfiring. If you attempt to start the engine of a failed ignition coil vehicle will lead to engine misfiring. Engine misfiring generally sounds like a sputtering noise or coughing noise.

Spitting and jerking will be noticed in the vehicle’s behaviour when you are driving at high speed. When the car is idling at a stop light or sign, vibration will result in the vehicle with a failure in the ignition coil.


To conclude, it can be recommended for you to look for an ignition coil from boodmo on the web. The symptoms of weak, bad or failed ignition coil vary based on the severity of the failed ignition coil.