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Maybe the name Candy can be different types just the afternoon and I hear we can have a salesperson afternoon too. So it doesn’t matter as long as the data matches them know that the next part is going to be you need to use a lookup function to join the data in the SSRS report. Let’s go ahead and consider that we want to bring up the first name and last name of the cell person from Dallas who won the next.

The first name, then you put, and then the second column or should come up from the data set the two or three that happened to the effect you have on here we just added that effect to Lester because the names are the same so that it doesn’t matter.

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But if it’s a first name or first name, then we’ll just use that first name or first name. Now, the next part is what it takes for the field. If we need the regional so that I can type this one, please I will say. And region Dodger value this is gain, it just let me see you and I’m not, whatever, so I’m just going to remove this region type part.

First, we are going to explain about xname lname.


. Namespace:

. Convention:

Appear for a name of an (XML) element and ascribe.

public sealed class XName : IEquatable, System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable

. Legacy, Object > XName

. Implements, IEquatable ,Serializable

XName does not contain any public constructors, where it was run-in. An alternative, this category provides an implied transformation from a strand enabling you to create an XName. When you set up an element or attribute, the most traditional way you use this adjustment is: The first dispute with the originator of XElement is an XName. By making a string progress you take advantage of the profound conversion. The next code that follows generates an element with a name that is not in namespace:

 XElement root = new XElement(“ElementName”, “content”); Console.WriteLine(root);


Diminish root As XElement = contentcontent

And another one is still using SQL as you look at people in the same tablet in Dallas Texas data. “So” this part where I’ve eaten by joining a single column, maybe it won’t give you that. So first of all, you need to explain to them. If I have to do that at that, that’s fine and they come from various sources. That’s all right but they should have a common column I can’t join them on. So, half of the questions will answer that. So in one day at a time we have a single person’s first name here and in a second we also have a stale person’s first name.

What we are trying to do is separate these two cell components and then “rehash kinds” them in a new format. So hook, now. Yes, and then use spaces and this gives us a little preview here noticed and go to column B with first names in his first Column last names. You don’t even need to click on next. You’re just done.

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