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After class 10, class 12’s board’s exams are the most important exams in a student’s life. The board exam of class 12 helps the student to get admission to good colleges. And getting admission to a good college helps the student further in their future lives. The success which the student gets from studying in a good college, compared to the average college, is quite commendable. Success also comes from hard work. Studying in any good college would help the students in showing them the path to success. But a great success for their career and goals is still dependable upon the student’s hard work. Hence the class 12 board exams are very helpful for the students in a lot of ways. Clearing the class 12 board exams in a single turn is one of the commendable jobs indeed. Hence, a hell of a lot of preparation is also required for getting/scoring great marks in class 12 boards. The CBSE syllabus is quite tough in comparison to the ICSE and WBBSE. Hence, a lot of hard work and practice is required for the student, who needs to ace this examination. The students must practice several types of books in case of preparing for the class 12 boards. Of all the books, one of the most helpful books for the student is NCERT. Even the teachers/tutors prescribe NCERT books for the syllabus of CBSE. 

Class 12 Maths NCERT Books are quite helpful for the students. NCERT BOOKS helps the student by understanding the topics in a much easier way. The solution to every problem is done in an easier way, in these NCERT books. These NCERT BOOKS help the reader to give complete information about the topic in a very easy and simpler way.

NCERT generally stands for NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING. These days NCERT BOOKS  serve as a best-seller among the students. This book provides students with basic problems, suggestions, and solutions, and gives an idea about the whole topic in an easy and simple way. NCERT BOOKS can be brought from online too. NCERT BOOKS are available from class 1 to 12 in different languages like Hindi, Bengali and English. The NCERT BOOKS provide knowledge in a simpler and easier way. And helps a lot in the intelligence growth of the students.



One of the main reasons students follow NCERT BOOKS is that 70 to 80 percent of the questions come from NCERT BOOKS. As the CBSE syllabus completely follows all the topics of the NCERT, hence getting questions common in examination Hall, is nothing but getting too much favoured by luck. For this main reason, most of the students try to follow their notes and suggestions from these NCERT BOOKS.

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These NCERT BOOKS are quite favourable by NEET ASPIRANTS too. As almost, each and every question comes commonly from NCERT BOOKS for the NEET EXAMS too. It is the national level board of examinations for public and private schools in India, which conducts the final examinations or Boards after Class 10 and Class 12 every year. Hence, it can be said that studying from NCERT BOOKS is more than enough for NEET ASPIRANTS as well as board examinations too.


The subjects of 12 for CBSE includes :

1) Physical education

2) Core English

3) Elective English 

4) Economics

5) Physics 

6) Chemistry 

7) Maths

8) Biology

9) Applied mathematics

10) Biotechnology

11) Information practices

12) Computer science

13) Accountancy 

14) Business studies 

15) psychology 

16) History 

17) Geography

18) Political science

19) Core Hindi 

20) Elective Hindi 

21) Home science

22) Sociology

The NCERT BOOKS give a great idea on the topics like linear programming, calculus and probability. The NCERT BOOKS gives a huge number of exercises and suggestions relating to those topics, helping the student with the enhancement in their IQ level. The NCERT BOOKS give a quite intellectual idea about the topics of calculus and probabilities. Hence the NCERT books are preferable to students than any other books. The physics NCERT BOOKS gives the ideas of electrostatics, current electricity, optics, electromagnetic waves, Electromagnetic induction, Nuclei Etc. And, hence paves the way for the student to get good marks in the board examinations of class 12 boards. The chemistry NCERT BOOKS gives the ideas of surface chemistry, chemical chemistry, kinetics, electrochemistry, etc, helping the reader to get a proper idea of these topics. Hence the NCERT BOOKS of all the subjects helps to cover syllabus wise chapters accordingly for the readers, urging the readers to score great marks in the class 12 board examinations.

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The NCERT books provide lots of notes, including the examples and the exercises which help the student in scoring great marks in the exams of boards of class 12. For practising the NCERT provides more than a necessary number of articles and examples, and hence it is preferable by the students.


The NCERT books problem solving helps the student to cope up with the time-related issues faced by them in the examination halls. Time management, or completing the assignment in a given time, helps the student in having boost up confidence in themselves.

Hence for all these reasons, it is said that NCERT BOOKS are helpful, and students prefer them over any other books. NCERT books are easily available and completely reliable and help students do well in their exams.