What To Do If You Have Been In A Commercial Truck Accident

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What To Do If You Have Been In A Commercial Truck Accident

A truck accident is different and more complex than a car accident. Accidents of trucks with average vehicles do not end up in a good situation. When fully loaded, trucks weigh over 80,000 pounds or more, and colliding with them may cause fatal injuries. 

If the victim is confused about what to do next after a truck accident, contact a truck accident lawyer in Seattle who will guide them through all legal steps. Your actions depend on the compensation amount you are entitled to receive. 

What to do if you have been in a commercial truck accident?

If you have been in a commercial truck accident, do not panic. Check yourself and your passenger if they are okay. If someone is badly hurt, you should call the ambulance first. Inform police by dialing 911 to investigate the situation. Here are the measures you should follow for a post-commercial truck accident.

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  • Do not leave the accident scene.

If you or someone you know have been in a truck accident, do not leave the area until the police arrive to investigate the situation. Move your vehicle to the side of the highway or road, and turn the hazard lights to avoid further accidents. 

  • Make sure that everyone is okay.

After the accident, make sure that everyone, including you, is okay. If not, calling the ambulance will be the priority. You can use the first aid box available in your vehicle to treat minor injuries. Various symptoms might not show up right after the accident because everyone faces the adrenaline rush. If you or someone is hurt, send them to the hospital even if you or they seem fine.

  • Collect information of the driver.

You should always take the contact number or email of the driver because it helps claim your insurance later. Also, take the contact number of the trucking company and the loading company.

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  • Take photographs

It will be more helpful to take photographs of your vehicle’s damages and your wounds. It would be best if you also clicked pictures of the truck driver. The more evidence you can provide to the insurance company, the more you will receive compensation when you claim.

  • Take statements from the witness.

Testimony of witness is another piece of evidence you can provide to investigate the case. You should record audio or video if someone witnessed the whole accident. Take every possible statement and their contact information right away.

  • Be careful what you say.

While interacting with the truck driver, police, and other officials, always be careful of what you say. Under no circumstances, ever admit that it was your fault or apologize to them. Remember, what you say will be used against you in the lawsuit. In Seattle, you will be barred to receive compensation if the lawsuit finds out that you have contributed in any way to the accident.